About Us

Our Mission

Write the World is dedicated to improving the writing of high school students through a global online community and guided interactive process. Young writers are empowered to develop their voices, refine their editing skills, and publish on an international platform. Write the World helps students develop the writing strategies and communication tools essential for success in school, career, and life.

Watch our founder, David Weinstein, talk about the ways Write the World empowers young writers on this Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative video.

Our Team

Founded in 2012 by David Weinstein, Write the World has expanded into a small team of writers, educators and entrepreneurs. We work closely with high school students and teachers and are always looking for new members for our student and teacher advisory boards (see details below). If you are interested in joining our dynamic startup in any capacity, please get in touch!!

David Weinstein

Chief Executive Officer


David Weinstein is the founder and CEO of Write the World, which he developed as a Senior Fellow at the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University. With a passion for education, he has served as a trustee of Boston College, Bryant University, Belmont Hill School, Fessenden School, Harvard Hillel, John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, and the US Supreme Court Historical Association. David was a senior executive and corporate lawyer at Fidelity Investments, managing the human resources, legal, real estate, compliance, security, audit, and accounting functions. David is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. He is a graduate of Boston University and Boston College Law School.

Clare McFadden

Executive Director


Clare McFadden manages and oversees the Write the World website, community, and programs. Clare has worked in Arts Education with children, young people, and communities in both Australia and the United States. She is also an author and illustrator. Her first book, "The Flying Orchestra" was awarded the 2011 Children's Book Council of Australia Crichton Award, was selected as one of the "50 Books You Can't Put Down" as part of the Australian Government's Get Reading Campaign, was adapted for the stage as the headlining work at the 'Out of the Box' Festival and listed as one of the Australian Booksellers’ Association's 50 Favourite Children’s Books. Clare was a Teaching Fellow for the Writing Workshop course at Harvard University and is working on her second book. Clare holds a Master's Degree in Education (Arts in Education) from Harvard University. Clare would love to hear from you if you'd like to know more about Write the World, or have suggestions for what you'd like to see on our website clare@writetheworld.com

Steve Mesmer

Chief Operating Officer


With a deep passion for enhancing student achievement, Steve Mesmer is responsible for overseeing Write the World’s technical operations and support. Starting his education career as a middle and high school teacher, Steve left the classroom captivated by the potential of technology to accelerate student learning. Since then he has served in senior management positions at Computer Curriculum Corporation, Pearson Education, CTB/McGraw-Hill and Questar Assessments, developing highly-effective learning management systems, online state-aligned curriculum, teacher professional development and student assessments used by K-12 educational organizations in the United States and abroad. Steve earned a BA in Marine Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara and his Secondary Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University.

Michelle Billie Fitzpatrick

Chief Learning Strategist


Billie, a founding member of Write the World, is a writer, educator, and fifteen-year publishing professional. For Write the World, she helped to design the underlying curriculum of the website and continues to work closely with educators, leading professional development and training. She began her career as a writing teacher, helping to launch the Writers in the Schools program (Houston) and has also taught writing at Harvard Graduate School of Education and University of Houston, among other colleges. She also served as an educational consultant to CAST, Inc, where she has designed UDL curriculum and facilitated online professional development courses. As a ghostwriter and book collaborator, she has co-authored over forty books in both fiction and nonfiction. She earned an Ed.M. in Mind, Brain and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education, a MA in Literature & Creative Writing from the University of Houston, and a BA in English and French from Rice University.

Listen as Billie describes the many benefits of writing in an online community in Episode Seven of Turnitin’s “The Written Word.”

Liza Cochran

Education and Outreach Director


Liza Cochran stewards the education vision at Write the World, working with community members to develop innovative writing curriculum and programming. A longtime educator and writer, Liza has designed and implemented writing curriculum in high schools, colleges, and community centers across the US, including the Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Emerson College, and Grub Street Writing Center. Liza holds a Bachelor’s degree from Brown University, where she studied writing, education, and environmental science, and a Masters in Fine Arts degree from Emerson College, where she studied creative writing. You can find her work in the Colorado Review, Gettysburg Review, and Fifth Wednesday Journal. Liza would love to hear from you if you’re curious about Write the World, or have suggestions for what you'd like to see on our platform: liza@writetheworld.com

Davina Dukuly

Digital Marketing Director


As Digital Marketing Director, Davina Dukuly is passionate about making meaningful connections with educators, teachers, and of course, young writers. Davina is committed to making Write the World’s digital space interactive and inviting – where users can connect with like-minded writers from all over the globe. Davina has worked at a New England public relations firm where she demonstrated the power of social media as a marketing tool. She is an active member of the greater Boston arts community, working on films such as “Its Not Funny Anymore” and as Press Liaison at the Independent Film Festival of Boston. A graduate of Bates College, where she studied humanities and social sciences, Davina is dedicated to making the arts accessible to young people in all corners of the world.

Melissa De Silva

Education Ambassador - Singapore


Melissa promotes awareness about Write the World in Singapore, seeking to form partnerships and connections with like-minded people and organizations who are passionate about young writers and their work. She is the author of Others’ is Not a Race, a genre-blending collection that explores Eurasian culture and identity. In her 15 years in Singapore’s publishing industry, she has worked as a journalist and an editor. Her Bachelor's degree in English Literature is from the National University of Singapore. Melissa is currently working on a historical fiction novel. She would love to hear from you if you'd like to know more about Write the World, or if you would like to explore ways of working together. Melissa can be contacted at: melissa@writetheworld.com

Gloria Chong

Education Ambassador - Hong Kong


Gloria Chong has been with the Write the World family since 2015. She helps to raise awareness of Write the World among schools and learning institutions in Hong Kong. She also provides information on the College Essay Program to interested parents and students. She holds an Ed.M degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education (Human Development & Psychology), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (English Language & Literature) from Nanyang Technological University, and a B.SocSci. (Honours) from the National University of Singapore. Gloria has taught English in Singapore and Hong Kong at secondary and tertiary institutions and has worked as a freelance editor. Her goal in life is to help young people write purposefully, think clearly, and live passionately. You can reach her at gloria@writetheworld.com

Lori Pelliccia

Site Reviewer and Moderator


Lori enjoys sharing her lifelong love for reading and writing with students and young writers. As a middle school and high school English teacher, Lori incorporates creative writing into her classes and always enjoys reading books that her students recommend. After teaching for nine years in independent schools in Virginia and Massachusetts, Lori continues to teach online today. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education for English from The Pennsylvania State University, and a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. At Write the World, Lori loves seeing students from all over the world share their writing and their ideas within a supportive environment.

Maggie Tattam

Administrative Assistant


Maggie Tattam is a junior at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is passionate about the natural world and is pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. When she isn’t spending hours in a coffee shop, she’s singing in the UMass Boston Chamber choir. The arts and humanities have always been a significant part of her academic life, and she hopes to bring her experiences in these disciplines to her work with Write the World. She is the proud owner of not one, but two air plants.

Michael Lydon

Writer, Musician and Write the World Columnist


Michael Lydon is a writer and musician who lives in New York City. Author of many books, among them Rock Folk, Boogie Lightning, Ray Charles: Man and Music, and Writing and Life. A founding editor of Rolling Stone, Lydon has written for many periodicals as well, the Atlantic Monthly, New York Times, and Village Voice.

He is also a songwriter and playwright and, with Ellen Mandel, has composed an opera, Passion in Pigskin. A Yale graduate, Lydon is a member of ASCAP, AFofM local 802, and on the faculty of St. John’s University.

Teacher Advisory Board

We work with a group of teachers from around the world to ensure that the website is responsive to the needs and ideas of educators. Teachers give regular feedback on the site, and are a most valued part of the Write the World community. Please get in touch with us if you are an educator interested in joining the Advisory Board: clare@writetheworld.com

Student Consultants

Young writers have played an essential role in shaping our ever-evolving website. Clare and Liza work with a group of students who offer regular feedback on prompts, design, and future Write the World offerings. If you're interested in joining our fabulous team of Student Consultants, we'd love to hear from you: liza@writetheworld.com or clare@writetheworld.com

Peer Ambassadors

Peer Ambassadors offer regular reviews on the site, provide example responses to new prompts, and share feedback with the Write the World team. With their invaluable writing support, Peer Ambassadors help shape the culture of the Write the World community. Please let us know if you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador by emailing liza@writetheworld.com


My name is Ana, and although I’ve lived in a lot of places, right now I call South Carolina home. I don’t like to talk about myself too much, so my bio isn’t going to be very cool, but I’ll try. I really love watching the world and thinking about the way it works and what’s going on, that’s probably why I hope to be an engineer one day. Writing is something I enjoy doing as a way to get out my ideas and thoughts.

Angelina Nguyen

My name is Angelina Nguyen and I am a 17-year-old literary enthusiast, theatre gal and master of bad puns. I have a Vietnamese background and live in Sydney, Australia where it is bustling with life and adventure is at every corner. Writing has been a large part of who I am and has proven a friend I can always rely on in bursts of creativity. I have been a peer reviewer on Write the World for the last two years and have thoroughly enjoyed learning and being inspired from other young writers all around the world.

Maia Armistead

My name is Maia Armistead and I live in the small country of New Zealand. I’m 15 years old and I’ve been an avid writer ever since I was 6 years old and discovered that words were something you could make completely your own. I also love music: I play the flute, the piano, and the ukulele, and song writing is the perfect mix of the two things I love. I’m really looking forward to being a Peer Ambassador and improving my own editing skills while helping others.

Rasher stalbaum
Riley Asher-Stalbaum

My name is Riley and I am an 18-year-old lover of books, writing, travel, and food! I live in a rather small town named Matamoras located in Pennsylvania. I live with my parents, a younger sister, two younger brothers, four dogs, two cats, twenty-six racehorses, a small herd of goats, and lots of chickens. Having such a large family has given me tons of inspiration for my writing; whenever they aren’t driving me crazy. My family races Standardbred race horses, I love working in the barn with my horses and being one of the nation’s top stables is just a bonus. I can’t wait to become a Peer Ambassador to help improve my own writing and help other young writers too.

Sean Santos

Hello, my name is Sean Santos, and I’m a 16-year-old high school student who lives in a somewhat peaceful part of Manila, Philippines. Despite the hustle and bustle of city life, I take the time to sit down and write. I’m mostly experimental with my writing, mainly because I’m still exploring my limitations as a writer, and partly because it’s fun. Besides writing, I play drums for a school band, watch online, and wonder endlessly for inspiration. I look forward to being a Peer Ambassador, so I can grow as a writer along with everyone else.

Sydney Cahill

My name is Sydney, and I live in a small town in New Jersey. I am 18 years old, and I’ve loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember! At my high school, I’m the Editor-in-Chief of my school’s newspaper, The Campus Chronicle, as well as the President of our campus Book Group. When I’m not writing, I enjoy playing guitar, swimming, and travelling. I’m so excited to be a Peer Ambassador because, as a writer, I love getting constructive criticism that helps improve my writing, and I’d love to do the same for other writers!


Write the World is so appreciative of everyone who contributes to our global community. We would like to give a special thanks to:

  • The team at Echobind

  • Our Educator Advisory Board

  • Our Student Consultants

  • and of course, all our wonderful young writers!