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Written_In_Water (United Kingdom) published:

I pity the forgetful little ant


I'm egocentric as the solar system
So sometimes I forget
To be calm 
About my own irrelevance

Sometimes I forget
I'm not quite as important to people
As vice-versa

So sometimes I forget
That I'm fine with that

That I'm just an ant
Walking and weaving my way
Through these sturdy, decorated pillars
Befriending them and their ghost and their wildfires

Don't forget how small you are
little ant
Smaller than the dust that you can't step over

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Flowing Ink (United States) published:

red-eyed truth sits in the corner and sobs, and asks you to keep your eyes closed


knowledge splits across my mind like a knife in butter, a blade in flesh
my eyelids peeled back and discarded to reveal a bulging cornea,  
a dilated pupil unable to shy away from the cruelty of truth.
burning tears that gather at the corners of exposed sclera flushing with veins,
in a stinging symphony of discovery with eyelashes ripped off, one by one,
nothing left to protect the delicate mind from the refuse of honesty.
my tears run with blood...
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wish upon a star (United States) published:



sunshine can't chase away a rainy day.
not when the rainy day ruins everything.
and not every cloud has a silver lining.
it's more of a muted gray anyways.
and i will cry because it's over.
i can't smile because of it happening.
and sometimes making lemonade goes wrong.
you just end up with sour lemon juice.
life doesn't always have a happy ending.
that's just how the it is.

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SamRose (United States) published:


PROMPT: August Grab Bag

Write about a new star. What do you name it and why? (nervousbibliophile)

A flash of light illuminates the sky. A new star, small and pure white, has appeared in the heavens. It may seem insignificant, compared to the billions of other stars in the universe. But each star exists separately, its own shape and size, with its own imperfections. This new star is called Singula. Singula means "individual" in Latin. This represents that this new star deserves...
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