• Whether you’re eyeing a career in journalism or are eager to advocate for issues that matter, our Writing for the News Writers Room is the place for you! Over the course of six weeks, you’ll gain the tools for drafting, reviewing, revising, and submitting op-eds and letters to the editor for both global and local audiences. You’ll respond to two prompts per week and provide peer reviews to fellow group members. What’s more, you’ll be working with other young writers around the world who share your passion for sharing your voice! The Writers Room begins Monday, March 2. To reserve your spot, simply click here and hit “Join This Group.”
    1 day ago
  • Remember, the first 100 writers to submit a draft of their Environmental Journalism Competition entry will receive an EXPERT REVIEW! Send us a draft today
    11 days ago
  • Shine a light on an environmental issue in your own backyard! Our Environmental Journalism Competition is NOW OPEN! We're giving away cash prizes for Best Entry, Runner Up, and Best Peer Review.
    17 days ago
  • You may notice some familiar faces around Write the World sporting an orange "Senior Peer Reviewer" badge as their profile picture. These are our new Senior Peer Reviewers, Write the World alumni who have returned to the community to mentor writers through providing in-depth peer reviews! Give them a warm welcome!
    about 1 month ago
  • Congrats to our first Competition Bingo Winners, Saadia, luluwrites111, and Soph_thewriter! This new year, you can get Write the World Bingo too. Just download a card here, plan out which competitions you’re going to enter to win, and get writing!
    about 1 month ago