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  • Dear Write the World Writers,

    We’re so proud of the thoughtful, supportive community of young writers each of you has helped create here at Write the World. In order to ensure that we remain a welcoming place where every writer can grow and explore their craft, we’re making a few changes. 

    Write the World is dedicated  to providing a space for young writers to focus on the writing craft, as an alternative to the many social media options already available. In the past year at Write the World, there’s been an increase in the types of posts you would find on social media platforms, including Q&As, direct addresses to the community, and a decrease in focus on the writing craft. 

    Of course, connecting with like-minded peers is important for writers. So, in order to ensure our site is writing-focused, yet members still have the opportunity for connection, we’re implementing the following changes:
    • In order to encourage you to expand your writing portfolio and experiment with writing genres, all responses to the “Free Writing” prompt should fall into one of the following genre categories:
      • Fiction: examples include short stories, flash fiction, novel chapters
      • Nonfiction: narratives, explorations of craft, essays, journalism, creative nonfiction
      • Poetry: anything with meters, verse, etc
    • Social posts, including addresses to the Write the World community and Q&As will be removed. That is, if the piece isn’t a work of crafted writing it will be removed. 
    • Instead of user-run Q&As, you will now find a meet & greet prompt called Dust Jacket (permanently featured on the Start Writing page). This is a space for the community to share a bit about themselves. We will also, from time to time, post additional community prompts to inspire other forms of connection and sharing.
    • For your privacy and safety, we will remove your social handles. Your profile bio and message is the place to share information about your identity as a writer!
    • We’ve updated and clarified our site guidelines, and have posted them next to the “Freewriting” link for easy reference.
    We hope these changes will support your writing practice—we’ll make adjustments as necessary to keep ensuring WtW is a supportive, writing-focused platform for all members! 

    Happy Writing! 
    The Write the World Team
    4 days ago
  • This week's Wednesday Words pick is the thought-provoking poem Non-reflective by AbbyMayHampsen (US). Listen to her read it here!
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  • CONGRATS to Samina (India) and Writing4Life (Australia) for completing all 14 of our weekly Writing Streak Challenges! Mark your calendars, because a new series of writing streak challenges starts next Monday, July 13.
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  • Our Letter Writing Competition is NOW OPEN! This month, send words that last.
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