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April 5-13 marks the National Week of Conversation! Hosted by the Listen First Project and National Conversation Project, this week is a bold annual occasion when people with diverse perspectives #ListenFirst to understand. Through in-person and virtual conversations exploring any topic of interest, people of all stripes intentionally convene with the goal of mending frayed social fabrics and revitalizing communities. As much as the week celebrates conversation, it also honors the quiet power of listening.
As a culture and community, we celebrate the act of finding one's voice, of sharing and broadcasting the written and spoken word. But deep learning also requires us to pause and open our minds, hearts, (and ears!), so that we may listen with intention to another person's perspective. Great social change—whether scientific or political—happens when people with divergent viewpoints are able to harness and channel their perspectives, working together to find truth and commonality despite and because of their differences.
This prompt has three parts:
  1. The National Conversation Project identifies generous listening as one of the core components of a meaningful conversation. What does this term mean to you?
  2. Describe a time when listening changed you. How did you quiet your own voice, and what did you learn in the process?
  3. In the spirit of conversation, provide a peer review on another writer’s response to this prompt
For inspiring examples of #ListenFirst responses, check out "Listen First" by lindsayt270 and "#ListenFirst" by YayaZ. Happy writing!