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September Grab Bag

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Created by WtW writers, these one-liners will cast you into a stream of words—the aim is to write as much as possible without writer's block getting in the way. 

Please copy and paste the mini prompt(s) that you’re responding to into the writing field. 
Write . . .
  • a story using all the letters of the alphabet at least once. (Nors)
  • a story without using the letter “A.” (BillyJoeBobTheThird)
  • about if your favorite playlist/song was a person: what would they be like? Describe their personality and emotions. (The Elephant In The Room)
  • a poem that shines a new light on something common/mundane. (Ismasura)
  • about a time you stood up for somebody. (AbellePuppy34)
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