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Joshua is my polar opposite. I kinda made it a love story, with me as the other character.

Polar Opposites

January 28, 2019

PROMPT: Polar Opposite

    My name is Joshua. I am a 30 year old man, currently living in Sydney, Australia. Years ago, I visited the United States and I met a girl. At the time I was 25, and she was 18. I remember that day so clearly. 
    It was a breezy, but warm Sunday morning. I was walking around, looking at all the places, in the town of Montreal. I passed a church and I felt pure hatred flow through my veins as I looked at it. That was until I saw this girl walk out of the doors. Never once had I cared to even go near a church not after my father died, but I felt so drawn to the girl, and I had to try. The town was pretty small so I thought I had a chance. 
                                                                                ~End of Flashback~
    I got my chance with her, but eventually I had to come back to Sydney. We still talked, but one day, she wouldn't answer my calls or my texts. I thought that she had moved on. I called her family and asked if I could come visit, but they were hesitant to let me, but I went anyways.
    I walked into her family's house. Her whole family looks like a storm just ruined thier whole lives. 
"Hey Joshua." Her sister says faking a smile. 
"Hey. What is the wrong? You all seem so down." I ask her sister. 
"Joshua, sit down, please. There is some major news I need to tell you." Her sister informs me. 
"Why do I need to sit down?" I ask confused 
"Just sit." Her sister says forceingly.
"First off, she really loved you Joshua. She knew you for a kind, gentle hearted, and loving man. She wanted to marry you someday. But she's...
                                                                            ~ End of Flashback~
    We were opposites but we attracted. She had changed me, but the love of my life, she was gone. How was supposed to get close to God again? She was going to change everything, but God took her from me. My Madison is gone.


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