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Writing is my life
You should love who you are with no regrets
A boy overseas once told me that I wasn't worth loving but love is greater than someone's imperfections
Quarantine is the best way to save lives, even if we are all bored out of our minds
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The Love Found In A Goodbye

January 28, 2019

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

Two hands, connected in a final touch. Love is not only found in hello's it is found in goodbye's.
The old woman, grasping the old man's hand, as tears stream down her face. They only found each other 25 years ago. Time to let go.They found each other and love has lasted for so long, but the woman has to say her goodbyes now, for the man has had a wonderful life, and she loves him. The man and woman say their final goodbyes and she feels him slip away. I love you, my dear. She says before he fades.  


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  • January 28, 2019 - 11:13am (Now Viewing)

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