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Mainly fiction


February 26, 2019


I feel like I am a doll. 
And  everywhere besides my house is the dollhouse.
I have to act like I am loved by my parents.
When the truth is I am truly not.
I have to act like I am rich.
When the truth is I am not.

Don't let people open the door.
To the house that stores hate.
Don't let the people see.
Who I truly am.
Hiding in the light. 
In plain sight in the dark.

Makeup, where's my makeup?
I need to cover up.
The bruises.
The cuts.
Every mark that they made. 
Someday, I will leave this place. 
That's what I keep saying. 

I am a doll now.
Laying in this coffin. 
My true skin shows. 
As I lay in this coffin. 
All the marks. 
All the bruises. 
I knew someday I would leave that place.
Now look at me.

Laying Dead in this Coffin.
Finally broken. 
No friends at my funeral. 
Because I put up a fake face. 
So my friends were all fake. 
No family at my funeral. 
Because they are the ones
Who did this to me. 
This is mostly fiction. There are kids all over the world which suffer from child abuse and that is what this is based on. 


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