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Salt To The Sea

February 6, 2019

    A book can change the way people think, see things and even live. There are thousands of books and everyone asks me how I specifically chose one.   
    When you find a book that changes your life, it is an amazing feeling. The book that changed my life is Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. 
    The book is based in World War 2 times and changed the way I thought about it. I knew, at the time I read the book, that World War 2 was a violent and sad time but this book changed everything. You should all definitely read this book because it shows a fictional yet realistic and emotional story set is the time of World War 2. There are 4 different points of view in the book and it gets more and more interesting by the page. They each tell their own story in the beginning but eventually their stories intertwine.The book was published February 2nd, of 2016 and has a page count of 391, including the author's note and acknowledgments. 
    The different points of views feature four main characters, by the names of Joana Vilkas, Florian Beck, Emilia Stozek, and Alfred Frick. Some of the other main characters in the book are Eva, Ingrid, Heinz aka The Shoe Poet, Klaus aka The Wandering Boy, and Halinka. 
    All the characters have something that is significant about them. Joana has a lot to hide from all the other refugees that travel with her. She has a big secret which she keeps hidden. Florian just wants to be part of a family again. Even though the war has affected his family, he considers the refugees he travels with as his new family. Emilia has a very guilty conscience and she feels terribly guilty for all she cannot change. At times, she can be delusional, because of the bad things in her past. She feels like Florian is her knight in shining armor and due to traumatic events in her past, she has a baby girl, whom she names Halinka. The Shoe Poet helps all the refugees, traveling with him, to see the real kindness that there is even in war. Klaus sees the Shoe Poet as his father, because he was traveling with his grandmother, when she died. he latched on to The Shoe Poet, when he became part of the refugee group. 
    This book has contains true events such as the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff and the evacuation of Germany. Ruta Sepetys has a good understanding of the topic, as she was the daughter of a Lithuanian refugee. She definitely made the story, a believable work of fiction, because she explained the events in great detail, as if she had been there herself. 
    This book means so much to me because it has changed the way that I think about war. Before reading Salt to The Sea, I knew war brought terrible tragedy into many countries. Salt to the Sea showed me that there is joy hidden in the tragedy of war and that people see war in different ways. I can now see that World War 2 was devastating, but people can find joy and kindness in all that chaos. 
    This book has changed my life and I really now can see that war is not as bad as it seems. There is hidden joy and people see it in many different ways. I strongly recommend this book because it will change people's lives and affect the way everyone thinks of wars, refugees and events in thier lives. 

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