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In the River

June 12, 2019


In the river I can see pebbles,
Various shades of grey, white, and black,
As many as there are stars in the sky.
In the river I can see fish,
Rainbow comets flying passed,
Faster than the eye can follow.
In the river I can see water,
An easy flow of shades of blue,
Light, dark, mixed, separated.
In the river I can see ducks,
Brown contrasting with blue,
Guiding the chicks that follow in lines.
In the river I can see a shadow,
A reflection of colour,
A girl, young and alive.
In the river I can see a girl’s portrait,
See her eyes, the window to her soul,
I can see her pain, unshed tears.
In the river I can see she is not alive on the inside.


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