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I need some help.


February 21, 2019


I just want to live my life, the way I want. Writing is something that is part of my dream, my very own dream, to live my life the way I want. There have always been people in my life that judge me to quickly. My choices are my choices. My life is my life. So, why do other people think that they have a say? 
I just want to write to inspire. I am not going to quit doing what I love, just because they say things. Just because they try to break me. Just because they are them. Some many people tell me that liking writing is such a nerdy thing. Some people say that it will never get me anywhere. 
But can't I just write because I love too. Can't I just write because it helps me let out my feelings. Or can I write? There is so much that I don't get in this world. How is writing a nerdy thing, even if it is why would I care?
I just want to be me; not what other people say I should be. Right?
Please Help Me. 
I feel like I am breaking from the inside out. 
Just let me be me.
Before I break and lose everything I have. 
Including my life.

I don't know what to do anymore. What do you do when the whole world is against everything you do?
If you want, please give me some advice. 


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  • Quille

    When the whole world is against me, or any time it seems that way, I write a new world. Who cares if people say you're nerdy. I've been called nerdy for writing before too, but who really defines nerdy anyhow? On WtW, that's what we all have in common. We're all writers.
    Writing is just like anything else that anybody else loves to do, just because it's on paper, they say it's nerdy, but how's it all that different from physical sports or video games or anything else that anybody else loves to do. If you love to write, go ahead and write. You're good at it, your work is worthwhile, and if it brings you joy, go for it!!
    Writers Rock!!! YOU Rock; no matter who says you're nerdy!!! Ya know what? Nerds rock!!!
    And like you said, your life is your life; you should be able to write if you want to and not be ridiculed for it. Keep writing! <3 :DDD

    over 1 year ago
  • Ryder

    You can get somewhere in life by writing. It's not nerdy, it's an art, an art that you have mastered. Keep writing no matter what people say. Your good. All the poems/short stories that you have written, you can put them together and self-publish on Amazon, it's free, and you make money when a book sells. You can do this.
    Don't ever give anything up. When you get upset about people who say writing is stupid, turn that sadness into energy and write more. When people say to stop, double.

    You will be something by writing. Tell people this. Tell yourself this, and believe it.
    I believe in you.

    over 1 year ago