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This is my first long post. It is 34 pages on google docs and it is not complete yet either. I have been dedicated to this since August 2018. Please give me honest reviews, it would be a great help.

The Cruise

February 22, 2019



Lily’s P.O.V
One day, I  won a free cruise trip through Royal Caribbean International Cruise; It was an  all expenses paid trip; We would leave from Tampa, Florida, go all around Florida and then travel to Barcelona, Spain. In the envelope, there were three tickets. Two of the tickets had the same room number, Room #75. The room was a master suite, with a color scheme of lilac and gray.  It had a kitchen and bathroom.
The other ticket had room number 74. This was the room across the hall. It had a gray and blue color scheme. It had a bathroom but no kitchen. I thought about who I would want to invite. I instantly knew I would invite Madison. She had always wanted to go to Spain. I was thinking about who else to invite, when I got a genius idea. I would invite Zachary. I was going to invite him to annoy Madison, so she would not annoy me.
Madison has brown hair and hazel eyes. She loves to wear dresses all the time. Her favorite color is blue, but she wears yellow a lot of the time. She is an amazing writer and so far she has written three books. She is currently on a break from writing as her previous three books keep her living a luxurious lifestyle.
Zach has brown hair and brown eyes. He is a successful heart surgeon. In his four years, of working as a heart surgeon, he has performed over 30 heart transplants and almost 25 open-heart surgerys. He lives a luxurious life too. Also currently, he has lots of money and his life is worth about three million dollars and thousands of human lives. His life insurance, that will benefit his funeral, at this point in time, is at a total of 50 million dollars.
The trip was in a week and we would be gone for two. I had decided that I would call Madison tonight and call Zach in the morning. I pick up my phone and dial her number.
She answers, “Hey Lily. What are you calling about this time?”
“Well, I won a cruise trip. The cruise is for two weeks and we will leave from Tampa, Florida and go to Barcelona Spain. There are three tickets. We would have to share a room, but it has a kitchen and a master bath. We would leave in week, ” I replied.
“I mean I guess I will go. Who else are you going to invite,” Madison asks.
“I am inviting you and Zach to come on the cruise.” I explain.
“Okay. I have only one question for you. Why are you inviting him? You know how much I hate him and how much I have hated him since middle school.” Madison says angrily
“I know but I think he likes you and you guys would be cute together too. I mean he has tons of money so that’s a bonus. Right?” I explain. 
“You know what, the only reason I would marry him is because he has tons of money. I will never ever genuinely care for him. I mean he’s nice and all, but he is really ugly.” She replies.
“Whatever. Get your two weeks worth of stuff packed. Meet me at my house to pick me up. See you in a week. Bye.” I conclude.
“Bye Lily. See you in a week.” She ends and hangs up the call.
That went well. I guess. I mean at least she is coming. Well, I am going to go to bed now. I guess I can call Zach in the morning.
The Next Morning
Time to call Zach. I think I will call Madison again and tell her we are going to Zach’s house after she picks me up in a week. Zach lives in Tampa, Florida and me and Madison live in Adamsville, Florida. Zach’s house was close enough to the harbor we could walk, so we probably would. Anyways, time to call him. Here goes.
“Hello this is Zachary Friend speaking,” he answers.
“Hello Zach, it’s Lily.” I explain.
“Oh sorry. Well, Lily what are you calling me for today,” Zach questions.
“I won a cruise trip through Royal Caribbean International Cruises and I was wondering if you would like to come on it with me and Madison. If you don’t want to that’s okay. It is a two week cruise and we would come to your house in a week because the cruise leaves then. Madison would drop her car of there and we could walk to the port. We would leave from Tampa, Florida and travel all the way to Barcelona, Spain.”
“ I mean it sounds fun. Why exactly do you want me to come though,” He asks confused
“Are you stupid, I know that you like Madison. I mean it’s so obvious. If you like her then try to hang out with her at the least. If you really honestly like her then you would not be ignoring her, even if she doesn’t like you.” I say yelling at him.
“Sure I like her. But what does it matter. She obviously hates me. She has hated me for like 10 years. I have liked her for that long. What am I supposed to do? Go on a cruise and forget about it. Sure that sound fantastic.” Zach replies sarcastically.
“No, you are supposed to go on a cruise and win her heart.” I say.
“You sound so stupid when you say that. Fine, I’ll go. But don’t try anything to get me and Madison together. I hope you understand. See you in a week, Lily.” He ends and hangs up.
Well, that went okay. Now I have to call Madison back.
“Lily, what do you want! I am trying to pack.” She says as soon as she answers the phone.
“I wanted to tell you the idea for a plan that I had for the trip.” I say hestant.
“Okay. It is probably important so I better listen.” Madison says honestly.
“I was thinking that you could pick me up and then we could drive to Zach’s house. Since his house in only like a block away from the port, we could leave your car there and walk to the port. If we did this, you would need to be at my house by five fifteen, as the cruise leaves at seven o’clock sharp.” I explained.
“I guess that would work. I could also come to your house the night before and then we could leave at five thirty, if you wanted to.” Madison states.
“I think we should meet up at my house, since you probably will need to have like 10 bags packed knowing you.” I state harshly.
“That is not true! I only have 3 bags right now and I am almost done packing. I have to be prepared for lots of occasions.” Madison says.
“Whatever. Does my plan sound good or nah?” I ask concerned.
“The plan is good. I will see you in  six days then. Bye Lily!” She ends.
“Bye, Madison.” I say as the call is ended.
Six Days Later at 5:15 a.m.  Madison’s P.O.V
Okay, so it is time to go. I packed my car last night, ensuring there was room for Lily and her stuff.
We are going to meet at her house. I will pick her up and then we are going to take the long drive to Tampa. It takes about an hour to get to Tampa, so I packed lunches and made Lily some of my amazing blueberry pancakes. Knowing her she will have no food at her house, so I figured I better bring some. I am about to reach Lily’s house and the current time is 5:15 in the morning. I am now at Lily’s house and I am going to run and get her. I knock on the door and LIly answers. She is wearing a black dress and red high heels. Her hair is in a bun atop her head.
“Hey, you ready,” I ask.
“Yeah, after I grab my bags.” she replies.
“Let’s go then. I have lunches in the car and I brought you blueberry pancakes.” I inform her.
“Ok, one second.” Lily says as she rushes up the stairs.
“Meet me by the car!” I yell at her.
I walk outside to see the sun reaching over the ocean. It seems to be awakening sleepily as it paints the sky marvelously. A few minutes later, Lily walks out and tells me she is ready to go. We then, put her two suitcases in the car and hop in.
“Madison, are you mad I invited Zach? Be honest please.” Lily says nervously as we drive.
“Not really. I mean sure I did not want to have to deal with him. I mean he just looks at me with these sad eyes all the time. It just gets annoying.” I reply.
“Okay, I understand. Thanks for not being mad.” She says.
The rest of the drive is silent, besides the faint sounds of the ocean touching the beach. Soon, we reach the house, which Zach dwells in, at 12
Lily and I both knew that Zach was rich, but I think we both got shocked upon looking at his new mansion, which he bought about a month ago. The mansion is white. It has three stories. The top story has a grand balcony, which goes into a blue walled room. The second story has two bay windows. Both the windows are surrounded by blue trim. You can see a grey walled room through them. The first floor is mostly windows and through them you can see a marvelous blue and grey themed room. The yard and gardens, that are on the sides of the concrete path, are marvelous. There are tons of colors and different flowers. My favorite, of course, are the white rose bushes by the door. Lily and I stare at this beautiful house in awe. I wondered why Zach bought this house. We walk up the concrete path and knock on the gray door of the house.
Zach answers, “Hey you guys. I am almost ready. I have to go grab my bags and then I will open the garage for you to put your car in, Madison.” he explains.
“Okay.” Lily and I reply.
“Also, I was going to have my driver take us down to the port. I assume you guys won’t have a problem with that.” Zach tells us.
“No, that be fine. Right Lily?” I ask hestantily.
“Yah I guess.” Lily replies
Zach rushes up the stairs and grabs his bags. We go outside and Zach opens his 5 car garage. Inside, there are 4 cars already. There is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS, a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, a 2019 Corvette ZR1 Supercar and a 2019 LAmborghini Aventador SVJ. I drove my White Silver colored Mini Cooper S Hardtop 4 Door into the garage. Zach and Lily hate my car because it is so small, but I loved my car. I had customized it to be exactly like I wanted.
Anyways, I have now parked my car in the 5 car garage and I am heading to met Zach and Lily at the end of the drive. Woah! At the end of the drive, parked, is a large limousine. I start to walk towards it, when all the sudden, Zach steps in front of me.
“Do you like it? It took me lots of work to find. It is a 1985 Cadillac Limo.” Zach says bragging.
“I mean, I guess I like it. I don’t really care about cars. I have had the same car for years.” I say non-chantly.
“What do you mean? Do you think that I spent years looking for this just so people could say I guess!” Zach states angrily.
“I don’t care about your stupid car, Zachary! I didn’t even want to come since I heard you were coming! I just want to be left alone! Where is your stupid driver so we can leave!” I yell loudly at him.
“Madison, calm down.” Lily says as she hugs me from behind.
“Calm down! Why did you even invite Zachary?! I just want to leave already!” I say loudly.

Zachary’s P.O.V
I just snapped at Madison. There is no way that she will ever like me, even if she did, she probably won’t anymore after that.  I don’t know what happend. She just was being so rude about the car that took me years to find. I want to say sorry but I don’t know how. We are sitting in the garden waiting for the driver to arrive.
Madison’s P.O.V
“Zachary, when will the driver be here?” I ask.
“He is on his way right now. He might be here in a few minutes.” Zach replies.
“Okay, Zachary. Thanks, I guess.” I say to him.
I walk towards the house so I can get Lily. I walk inside the house and go upstairs. I think Lily said she was going to fix her makeup but who knows what she is doing now.
“Lily, are you up here?” I yell.
After waiting a couple minutes with no response, I decide to go look around. I open the first room and inside it is empty except one box. So, I shut the door and then walk to the next room. When I open the door, I see a bed, a dresser and a closet but no Lily. I knock on the bathroom door but no answer comes inside. I quickly look at my phone and see that the time is 5:30. With this, I determine I should go check out the box in that one room.
Lily’s P.O.V
I told Madison I was going to fix my makeup in the upstairs bathroom. Although the truth is that I have a plan. Zach has a box, with every note, card and present Madison every gave to him. I wanted her to find it to show her how much Zach really loves her and hopefully it will influence her feelings towards him. At least maybe it will make her realize there is more to Zach than meets the eye.
Madison’s P.O.V
I walk back to the room, which only contained the one box. As I open the door, I see the box again but I realize some other things about the room that I did not realize before. The ceiling has a beautiful mural on it. The mural features a waterfall getting hit by a purple-orange gradient sunset. The walls are painted a lilac purple, which is featured in the mural sunset. I walk in and close the door. I look at the door, surprised to see on the back is a chalkboard. On the chalkboard, it has a quote, which reads, “Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.” I check my phone to see I have wasted 15 minutes, looking at the room.
So, I walk towards the box and open it. Inside, there are tons of envelopes and 2 smaller boxes. I start pulling the envelopes out and see my own handwriting on them. All the envelopes are addressed to Zach. I pull out the smallest of the two smaller boxes. I open it and inside lay a bunch of notes. I pull some of the notes out and see that, they too, are addressed to Zach in my handwriting. I shut the box and set it down beside me. I reach inside the box and pull out the bigger of the two boxes left in the box. I set it in my lap and open the box. Inside, are a bunch of little gifts, all of which I remember giving to Zach. I can’t believe he kept all the things I have ever given him.
All the sudden, the door opens. I look and see Lily and Zach both standing there. Quickly, I stand up and say, “ Hey, what do you guys want?”
Lily answers, “ We came to tell you that the driver is here to take us to the port.”
“How is that possible? Last time, I checked the time it was 5:30.” I reply.
“Well, now it’s 6:15, Madison. So we should probably get going. I will help you pick up all the letters.” Zach tells me.
“No, it’s fine. I can do it. I got into the box, so I need to put it back how it was.” I explain to Zach.
“Let him help you, Madison.” Lily says to me.
“Fine. You can help, if you really want to.” I say rudely to Zach.
“I really want to.” Zach says
Lily’s P.O.V
Madison found the box, just like I planned. When Zach and I walked in, Madison was completely shocked still from discovering the box. I knew that she would have a change of heart if she saw the box. Zach just thought that everything was going to get worse, but I can tell that she has had a change of heart. I think that this might just work out.
Madison P.O.V
I need to talk to him about this. I know that he has liked me for a long time but I never thought that he liked me this much. I never thought that someone would keep everything that I ever gave them. I have had a change of heart towards Zach for sure. He seems to be nicer than I assumed. I had my reasons for hating him in all throughout middle school and high school, but at that time I never knew about that box. I never knew that he kept everything that I ever gave to him. I makes me realize that maybe he is different and was different all along.
Zach’s P.O.V
This plan was a waste of time and effort on Lily and I’s part. Lily said that it would make Madison realize that I was better than she thought I was. As me and Madison, are picking the letters up she has stayed silent. The whole plan was for her to change her heart towards me but, she has not said a single word to me and she is still rude to me. I don’t know what I expected. Lily promised it would work but it failed terribly. I hate myself for thinking she could ever love me.
“Hey Zach. The letters are all picked up.” Madison informs me.
“No they are not. There is one more that needs to go into the box.” I reply
“Where is it?” Madison asks confused.
I pull the letter out of my inside coat pocket. I was supposed to give this to her, but there is no point now.
“Right here.” I say.
“Okay.” she says as she takes the letter from me. Carefully, she inspects the letter, then she looks back at me and asks, “Why is letter addressed to me? It is not for you so why I am putting it in the box?”
“It is pointless! Put the dumb letter in the box! Just stop asking questions for once!” I yell at her.
“No, Zach. I am not putting this letter back in the box. I am so done with you acting this way. You tell me you like me all the time but, then you go and do things like this. You yell at me and act like I did something to you. I hate you Zach and you can never make me like you. Especially when you act like this.” She states to me.
“Fine, have the dumb letter. I don’t care and I hate you too. So it doesn’t matter to me how you feel anymore. Go get your stuff, the cruise is going to leave without us.” I say to her angrily.
“Fine.” She spat back at me. As she left, she tossed the letter, carelessly back into the box.
Lily’s P.O.V
Current Time: 6:30 a.m.
Madison and Zach look mad as they came downstairs. I wonder what happened.
“Hey Lily, are you ready to leave now?” Madison asks.
“Yah, I guess, but can I ask you something first? ” I ask her.
“What do you want to ask this time, Lily?” She says back.
“I was just wondering if you and Zach are mad at each other. If you are then why?”  
“We are not mad at each other. We just are frustrated at each other. He is just mad because I put him in his place, after he yelled at me.” She states.
“Okay, we should go now.” I let her say.
Zach, Madison and Lily all left the house at 6:32 a.m and shortly after they had arrived at the docks. They all climbed out and saw the huge cruise ship. There were a lot of people waiting to get checked in so they joined the line.
Madison’s P.O.V
As we climbed out of the car, to see the huge cruise ship, and the huge line of people waiting to get checked in. There were 25 more minutes, till the cruise would leave, and the line was shrinking every minute. When we reach the front desk, we see the receptionist, who has long, dark brown hair, and wears the same uniform as all the rest of the crew.
Lily’s P.O.V
We are now about to get checked in, so I reach in my purse and pull out the three tickets. We reach the desk and the receptionist smiles at us.
“Hello, and welcome to Royal Caribbean Cruises. May I please see your tickets? The receptionist says.
I hand over the tickets and then the receptionist checks to make sure that the rooms are available.
“You are all checked in. Here is a map of the ship. Your rooms are down the 4th hallway, on the right side of the ship. Thank you for joining us on Royal Caribbean Cruises.” The receptionist says, as if she has rehearsed it thousands of times.
“Well, let’s go to our rooms then.” Zach says.
“Yah let’s go, Lily.” Madison agrees.
“Why are you two agreeing on something? I thought you were frustrated with each other.” I say non-chantly.
“Umm….. Well we both are tired so that’s probably why.” They both say quickly and at the same time.
“What is going on with you two?” I ask concerned.
“Nothing!” Madison says.
“Yah, nothing.” Zach says disappointed.
“Well, let’s just go to our rooms now.” I say, still a little concerned.
Zach’s P.O.V
Madison and I made up. We were texting each other on the way here and we both apologize to each other. She even agreed to go on a date with me, but we don’t want Lily to know. I am kinda scared just because I don’t want to mess things up again.
Madison’s P.O.V
Lily doesn’t know yet but Zach and I made up. We were texting on the way here and I definitely feel differently about him now. I mean he might be ugly but he has a good heart. I want to give him a chance and I think it is going to go good. We have to keep this secretive for a while so that Lily doesn’t figure out. Lily wants us to get together so I mean it can’t end up that bad. Can it?
Lily’s P.O.V
Madison and Zach have been acting really weird after the car ride here. Madison keeps asking what I would think if she got married, if she got a boyfriend , and if she had kids. I don’t know what’s going on with Zach. He seems really disappointed and I have no clue. Madison has never asked these questions before and Zach has never acted so rejected before. I am beginning to think that Madison met someone and she told Zach about it.
The three began to unpack their bags. Lily had brought 2 weeks worth of clothes, a couple swimsuits, her toiletries, and some activities in her 2 bags. Madison had brought about 4 weeks worth of clothes, a lot of different swimsuits; all varying in design and style, makeup, her toiletries and activities in her 4 bags. Zach had packed the least he could, which he regretted. In 1 bag, he fit 2 weeks worth of clothes, his toiletries, his laptop and that was all. He had not been two excited to go on this cruise, due to the fact that Madison was on it. Until today, he dreaded this day, but Lily always got what she wanted, so there was no point in arguing with her.
Lily’s P.O.V
We all finished unpacking. Zach and I were finished about 30 minutes before Madison. We tried to help her but she wanted it done exactly how she wanted. Now that we were finished, we decided to go eat lunch in the dining hall of the ship.
“Hey Lily. What would you think if I got a girlfriend?” Zach asks as we walk.
“Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t really care. As long as you treated her right, and she actually appreciated your ugly face then that’s good for you.” I reply.
“Why are you mean to him Lily?” Madison asks as soon as I finish.
“You never cared until now. So why does it matter now? Huh, Madison?” I say a little rudely.
“I don’t! It is just an honest question, Lily.” Madison says as we reach the dining hall.
“Okay, are you guys done fighting now?” Zach asks, directing it at Madison.
“Yah, we’re done Zachary.” She replies, not looking at him.
Madison’s P.O.V
I almost just gave it away. I should have just kept my mouth shut. I don’t know what made me snap at her when she said that. I just can’t believe that Lily would say that to him. He has always been nice to us, but both of us have never realized it.
Zach’s P.O.V
Madison had the guts to almost defend me against Lily. She literally almost just gave everything away. We have our plan set into place about what we are going to do. We want Lily to think we hate each other. So tomorrow, we are going to be rude to each other, to show her how much we hate each other.
Then, tomorrow night, I am going to knock on Lily and Madison’s room door. Our plan is for Madison to answer and then she is going to reject me, somehow. Lily won’t suspect a thing, until the day after tomorrow, which is the day we are going on our date. Even then, I doubt she will suspect, because Madison is going to tell her that she is only going because she wants me to leave her alone.
Madison’s P.O.V
Zach and I have the perfect plan set in place, so Lily won’t suspect a thing, until we decide to tell her the truth. I feel bad because I have to reject him, lie about it and act like I hate him for a whole day. He might think that it is easy for me to act this way, but ever since I discovered all the letters, I feel like I owe him so much, since I have been rude to him for a long time. I have a feeling that this will maybe work out for us, because if something’s meant to be, it is. I feel so differently about him now, but I still feel like there is something he is hiding from Lily and I.
Lily’s P.O.V
Madison and Zach are being very suspicious. I feel like they are trying to hide something from me, and I have a feeling what it is. I am not going to pry or try to suspect what they are hiding, even though I want to. I know that Madison will be safe with the choices she makes with Zach, or anyone else. Zach will most likely not make any choices, about dating, marriage or anything like that, unless it is with Madison. I know that Madison and Zach are going to extremes to hide something for me, what it might be, there is no telling. I can suspect that they are doing something together but I don’t know for sure.
Zach and Madison have been talking all day to hide their plans from Lily. They don’t know that Lily knows the look of love on Zach’s face. They are clueless, that Lily has a strong feeling, of what is going on with them. It is clear to her that they like each other, a lot more than they did before.

Lily’s P.O.V.
Later That Night… Around Dinner Time
When I enter our room, after I came back from swimming, I see Madison in the kitchen. She is making some food and listening to really cheesy love songs. I knew something was up with her and Zach. I walk into the kitchen and see that she is making sushi.
“Hey Madison.” I say.
“Oh, hey Lily. When did you get back?” She replies back.
“A few minutes ago.” I inform her.
“Ok, well I made sushi and I also made some blueberry brownies, which are in the oven right now.” She says non-chantly.
“Yah. I think I am just going to eat in the dining hall, after I rest a little.” I tell her.
“Okay.” She says, as she takes the brownies out of the oven.
As I go to my bed, I hear a knock on the door.
“Hey Madison. Are you expecting anyone?” I ask her.
She replies with “No, let me see who it is.”

Madison’s P.O.V
Is Zach already here? I told him not to come until 6:30 p.m.. Wait, what time is it anyway? Oh, it is 6:30 p.m. already. Okay, here goes Madison. Time to reject him, just like you always have.
I answer the door and there he stands.
“Hey Zach. I wasn’t expecting you, but feel free to come in.” I say quickly.
“No, it’s fine. I just had a question to ask you.” He replies.
Oh, boy. How am I going to do this? I can’t do this. Why exactly did I agree to this?  What am I going to do?
“Uh… What.. do you need?” I ask hesitantly.
“I was wondering if maybe you would like to go on a date with me.” He says relaxed.
How is he so relaxed about this? I can’t reject him again. I don’t want to do this right now! This is not going to work. I look back at Lily, who is sitting on her bed and she winks at me.
“No, I would never go on a date with you Zach!” I say as I slam the door in his face.
“Madison! Why did you do that?” Lily asks me as soon as I finish.
“He is gross, Lily. I hate him and I will never ever like him.” I state.
Lily’s P.O.V
I can’t believe I just watched this. I thought she liked him. Their text messages proved to me that they like each other. How could she just do that? I feel like I am on a T.V. drama,with these two people. I can’t believe her. I am glad I took pictures of them, and sent screenshots of the messages to myself from Madison’s phone. Time to use this to do some good for stubborn, ignorant Madison.
“Hey Madison. Come sit over here. I need to talk to you.”
She sits down and looks at me. Her eyes are glossy and she looks like she is about to cry.
“What do you want Lily? I am really not in the mood for you right now.” She says rudely.
“I need you to listen to me. I have some things to show you, but you can’t get mad at me until I am finished. Okay, Madison?” I explain hestantily.
“Fine. Whatever you have to say, get it over with now.” She tells me, sounding depressed about it.
“Madison. I don’t know why you did that to him. You obviously are hurting yourself by being rude to him still. After you saw, those letters, I thought that you had a change of heart towards Zach. I can see that you like him and I have some proof too.” I inform her.
“Yah, what’s your proof then?” She asks me.
“Well, I have pictures of you guys. Not to sound creepy or anything. I also sent myself screenshots of you and Zach’s messages. You obviously like him.” I say.
“NO I DON’T LIKE HIM LILY!!!!!!!!!” Madison yells at me.
“Fine, explain this.” I say.
Then, I show Madison a picture of her and Zach, looking at each other, lovestruck.
“Lily, just stop. I don’t like Zach at all. You may have thought that I had a change of heart, but I didn’t and I never will. Zach is annoying, ugly and so many more terrible things.” Madison says seriously.
“Fine, I will remember you said that. One day, you will marry him, I can feel it.” I tell Madison.
“I am going for a walk.” Madison informs me.
“Okay, be back soon. Don’t leave me worrying here.” I tell her.
“If I am not back in an hour, come look for me. Sorry, I yelled at you Lily.” She says as she leaves.
Madison’s P.O.V
I can’t believe I had to something like that. I did not want to agree with Zach about that plan and I saw a clear look of rejection on his face. Even Though, we both knew it was a plan, to get Lily off of our trail. I can’t believe I did that. I could have been nicer about it but, what am I supposed to change about it now? I just hope that Zach can forgive me for doing it that way and that we can still manage to be something other than friends.
I need to go talk to him now. We agreed to meet up on the top deck of the ship. I want to take back everything I did so bad.
Zach’s P.O.V
Why did she have to do it that way? Couldn’t she have been nicer about it? It makes me so sad that she had to do it that way. I just want to go back to that room and tell her that that hurt my heart so much. I know that it was just part of the plan and that Lily won’t suspect anything now for sure. I want to be able to get past what she did and be something more than friends. If I can’t get over it, I don’t know what I am going to do. Lily invited me on this cruise to win her heart and I did but what do I do now? I can’t tell her that I want to marry her right now, on this cruise. I don’t want to wait for her anymore. I love her so much and I just want her to be mine forever, but I am scared I won’t always feel this way.
Narrator's P.O.V
Both Zach and Madison were so scared to see each other. They wanted to be with each other forever, but they were both scared. Madison was scared about what people were going to think, how Zach would act if they ever got married and she was scared that Zach would just leave her once he got what he wanted. Zach was scared too. He didn’t want people to make fun of Madison and he didn’t want to hurt her, if his feelings ever faded. They both wanted to take it slow but at the same time, they wanted to see what was going to happen.
The two met on the deck, although it was storming outside. They both wanted to see each other so much, but they were scared what was going to happen.
Madison’s P.O.V
Zach and I just met up. It is storming really bad out here. The raindrops are like pebbles falling from the sky and the wind is so strong it could blow you away.
“Hey, Madison. Do you maybe want to go back to my cabin? I won’t try anything, but it is really stormy and I don’t want us both to freeze. “ Zach asks.
“Yah, it is really pointless staying out here. I mean, I don’t want to get drenched by the rain and freeze. So let’s go.” I reply without hesitation.
Zach’s P.O.V
Madison and I met up;we were going to watch stars but, it was raining hard outside. We decided to head back to my cabin. I open the door, as we arrive and Madison walks inside. She takes of her coat, boots and gloves. Then moves to sit on my bed.
“Madison, what do you want to do?” I ask, as she sits down.
“I don’t really know but before we do anything, I need to tell you something.” Madison replies.
“What is it?” I say as I sit down next to her.
“I wanted to tell you, that I am so sorry. I don’t why I handled that situation the way I did. I wanted Lily to get off our trail but I know I hurt you. I could have been so much nicer to you, but I choose to act that way. I understand if this affects the way you think of me. I also, will understand if you want to stop me from being more than friends with you.” Madison explains.
“Madison, I…. I have never wanted… to… uh….”
Then, Madison interrupts. “Zach, just think for a minute, then tell me what you want to.”
“Ok. As I was trying to say. I understand that you feel bad for handling the situation like that but, I want to tell you something else. It doesn’t matter to me that you did that. I know you did what was for the best. Sure, it did hurt me, but that was only because I was thinking of the situation., as if it was my one shot with you. In my heart, I truly know that it was not my one shot. I wanted to make it believable. Thank you for apologizing to me, but you didn’t have to.” I inform Madison.
“Why do I not need apologize to you, Zach?” She asks confused.
“Madison, I love you so much and I have wanted you to accept me for a long time. I don’t care that we had to go through that situation in order for me to go on one date with you. I promise that I am going to make this one date worth your time. I want to show you that I love you so much. This date is going to help me prove it to you.” I say, looking down at the ground.
I look up only to see tears coming from Madison’s eyes.
“Why are you crying? Did I do something?” I say freaking out.
She replies, through the tears, “ Yes, you did do something Zach. These tears are not tears of sadness, they are happy tears. No one has ever been that nice to me and I don’t know how we are going to go about with this. But I do know one thing. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I don’t care how long it takes.”
“Ok, Madison.” I say as I hug her.
Lily’s P.O.V
Madison is not back and it has been one hour and thirty minutes. When she left, she seemed really mad at me, but I don’t know why. I am going to assume her and Zach are planning something behind my back but I don’t know for sure. I am going to go check Zach’s room for them and maybe the top deck.
Zachary’s P.O.V
Madison and I have been talking for a while. I can’t believe that she actually likes me for once. All throughout middle school and high school, I have liked her, but she only considered me as a friend. She told Lily she would be back in an hour, but it has been almost two. I know she doesn’t want to go back with me, but I am going to walk her back.
“Hey Madison. We should probably head back to your room. Lily’s going to start looking for you soon.” I inform her.
“Yah, I will head back. I don’t want you to walk me back, Lily might get suspicious.” She tells me hesitating.
“Madison, I am walking you back. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” I say trying to convince her.
“What if Lily sees us? Won’t she ask questions?” Madison asks concerned.
“If she does, we are going to tell her the truth. What’s the use in lying to her?” I explain.
“But, Zach I don’t want to tell her yet. I am scared that she is going to not be my friend because of this.” She says quietly.
“She won’t not be your friend. There was one reason she invited me on this cruise. Not because she wanted to annoy you. Not because she wanted to. But because she wanted me to win your heart. I can promise you that she won’t. Okay, Madison?” I say trying to comfort her.
“Okay, let’s go Zach.” She says happily.
All the sudden we both here a knock on the door. We look at each other, and we instantly know. It’s Lily.
Lily’s P.O.V
I am done waiting. I have waited two hours for her to show up. I know that she’s in Zach’s room, she has to be. It is storming really bad outside, so she can’t be there. I am going to look in Zach’s room, hopefully they have realized they are meant for each other, now. I open the door and peek my head out, hoping to see Madison walking down the hallway, but there is no sign of her. Great.
I grab my black flats and my coat, then walk out to go look for Madison. I walk across the hall. I am at Zach’s door now. I don’t want to knock yet, so I press my ear to the door. Trying to see if I can hear voices. As soon as I press my ear to the door, I hear Madison talking.
“Yah, I will head back. I don’t want you to walk me back, Lily might get suspicious.” She says hesitating.
I am going to hear the rest of this conversation. I want to know why Madison was with Zach. Did her win her heart yet? Probably not.
“Madison, I am walking you back. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” I say trying to convince her.
Why does he not want anything happening to her? What is going on here?
“What if Lily sees us? Won’t she ask questions?” Madison asks concerned.
Why would I ask questions? I mean I invited him to come, so they can hang out together without me questioning it. What is the matter with these two?
“If she does, we are going to tell her the truth. What’s the use in lying to her?” I explain.
Oh, that’s tea. What is the truth? These two are trying to hide something from me.
“But, Zach I don’t want to tell her yet. I am scared that she is going to not be my friend because of this.” She says quietly.
Why would I not be your friend? You and Zach are obviously meant to be. I mean that’s why I am invited him to come. Sometimes, Madison is so dumb, like honestly.
“She won’t not be your friend. There was one reason she invited me on this cruise. Not because she wanted to annoy you. Not because she wanted to. But because she wanted me to win your heart. I can promise you that she won’t. Okay, Madison?” I say trying to comfort her.
OH MY GOSH! He finally did it. He actually won her heart
“Okay, let’s go Zach.” She says happily.
That’s my cue. I pull my ear away from the door, muster the angriest expression I can and knock on the door.
Madison’s P.O.V
I am so stupid. We already have to tell Lily and it hasn’t even been a day on this cruise. I can’t believe I didn’t watch the time. Ugh, I better go answer the door.
“I’ll get the door Zach. She’s only here because of me.” I inform him.
“I will stand with you. I don’t want anything happening to you.” Zach says quietly.
“Nothing is going to happen to me. Lily won’t hurt me, it’s okay.” I say reassuring him.
“I am coming with you.” Zach says demandingly.
“Okay, fine.” I say giving up.
I walk over to the door and open it. I see Lily with her arms crossed and very mad expression on her face.
“So, Madison. Are you going to tell me why you are in Zach’s room or are you going to lie to your best friend?” Lily asks me.
“Umm… I …. Umm..” I stutter.
Zach wraps his arm around my shoulder. I look up at him as he begins to speak to Lily.
“Lily, I know that you are going to be mad. Madison and I were just about top head back to your guys room. I also know that you probably have millions of questions why Madison is here. I just wanted to tell you that I love her so much.” He boldly says.
“Yah, so you not going to explain to why in the world, Madison said that she was never going to go on a date with you. Yet, here you, arms wrapped around each other, acting like you are so in love.” Lily yells.
“Lily, please calm down. We didn’t want to tell you about us, so we did that to try and get you off our tails. As you can see it didn’t work very well.” I explain.
All the sudden, Lily bursts out laughing. Zach and I look at each other so confused.
“Lily, you okay?” Zach and I ask her.
“Oh my god! You should have seen your expressions. That was so priceless.” Lily says through her laughter.
“Umm.. What do you mean?” Zach asks her.
“Yah, what do you mean?” I ask again.
“I already knew this was going to happen. I would not have invited Zach on this cruise if I didn’t think that you liked him. I have been standing here for a while you guys. When you started talking about Madison leaving, I heard it all.” Lily confirms.
I am going to try to tell her the truth about Zach and I. Here goes!
“Oh..Umm… Listen…We… Umm…” I try to tell her but, the words are not coming out.
“What Madison meant to say is that we can explain.” Zach says.
Thank god he fixed that. I really screwed up.
“Yah, I just don’t want you to hate us, Lily.” I explain tiredly.
“Madison, we can talk about it tomorrow. We are all tired. So unless you plan on staying here with Zach, let’s get back to the room.” Lily says.
Oh, thank god. This means that I can go to sleep and think about what to tell Lily tomorrow.
“Yah, ok. Umm… You can head back. I promise that I will be there in like 5 minutes. Ok, Lily?” I say.
“Yah, that’s okay.” She says, as she shuts the door.
Lily’s P.O.V
I can’t believe this. I knew this was going to happen, but what happens when Zach hurts her? I did not think any of this through. I really hope that I didn’t ruin everything for Madison or Zach.

Zach’s P.O.V
I hope I don’t ruin this. I am probably going to do something really stupid and ruin everything. Madison means so much to me, but what happens when it ends? I can’t believe that this is happening to me. What did I do to ever deserve someone like her?
Madison’s P.O.V
I did not think this through. I feel really stupid right now. I was so caught up in the moment. What happens if my feelings for Zach fade? What happens when this is over? I can’t believe I did this to myself. I just hope that this lasts.
One Week Later
Lily’s P.O.V.
We only have 6 days left on the cruise. Madison and Zach have gotten so close over the past week. Although, I met a new friend yesterday. Her name is Nevaeh and she is so amazing. Madison has not got the chance to talk to her yet though. I have her number and we have been hanging out. Since, Zach and Madison kinda ditched me.
Zach’s P.O.V
I can’t believe that I haven’t screwed this up yet. Madison and I have had such a great time this past week. We have done so much and I really enjoy being with her. I have been talking to Lily about proposing to Madison and she said that it is a little to soon. She suggested that I take her on a nice date and then surprise her, at my house. She said that she would help me plan it all out once we got back to Florida. We have almost made it to Spain and I am planning on finding Madison a nice ring, while we are there.
Madison’s P.O.V
I have had such a great time with Zachary this past week. My feelings for him have only grown since last week. I was so afraid that I was going to ruin the relationship, before it even got serious. I really like Zach and every time I get the chance, I talk to Lily about it. I want him to propose to me, and I have told Lily this so much. She knows me better than most people and I am sure that she must be planning something. I just can’t wait to see what the future holds for Zach and I.
2 Days Until The Cruise Ends at 10:00 a.m.
Zach’s P.O.V
We are going to arrive in Barcelona in a hour or so. Madison and I have been packing out things up and hanging out since we woke up this morning. My stuff is all packed, except for the things I need for the next 2 days; Madison’s stuff is almost all packed too. It is so great that I am able to be with Madison and I can’t believe that she finally feels the same way. I feel, in this moment, pure happiness and I know I have never been happier.
It is not complete yet. I have been working on it for a while. 


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