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This was inspired by a comment from a fellow writer.
Her username is Madelyn_Catharine.

Spilt on Paper

March 4, 2019


The ink on my pen is my soul.
I write everything on paper. 
Until more of my soul is contained in 
poems and stories
Then in my own body.
The ink of my pen is my blood.
I write everything on paper.
Until I have finally bled out.
My blood on paper,
My body bleeding out.
Why does this cruel world not see me?
They only see my body, 
not my blood.
Spilt on the paper.
They only see my mask,
Not my soul,
Spilt on paper.
They see me 
for who I am not.
Until it's too late
All my blood
All my soul
Spilt on paper.


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