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So Stay

March 12, 2019


Some people say that love can fix a broken heart. 
Some people say that I can be fixed even though 
I have been broken '
Over and Over 
Broken more than anything else
In my cold world

Some people say that I am fixed
That being broken makes people perfect
But what broken people are perfect.

Sometimes I tell myself life would be easier
Without me living in it
If I was gone burdens leave the others around me

Sometimes I tell myself life is better with me here
With me living here 
I can help fix others who have been broken 
Just like me

Except when one person tells you 
That they live for you
It changes everything 

Except when one person tells you 
That they would die 
If you died 

That changes everything that you ever thought
Because when a person that you love
Puts their life in your hands
You realize what you truly mean to the world

So you begin to tell yourself
To take it one day at a time
And if you ever feel like
Leaving this world
Look back at the times you spent with this person

And it finally makes you realize
That if you leave it would put more burden 
On everyone you love
But if you stay 
It takes so much burden of everyone you love
So Stay


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