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Born in San Diego
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This person was abducted, drugged and thrown into a forest. I know it's weird but hey so am I.
Number 5 in colors series.


March 14, 2019


Forest green trees, surround me in this life. I can see them towering over me beautifully, although they are my downfall. There is nothing that I can do to escape this trap, these woods. I don't remember how I got here, or why I am here. I know that I am trapped with the clothes on my back and a bag probably full of useless things. I just want to get out of here safely and go home to live my life, like I was. I have to check what is in this bag and determine if it's anything worth keeping. Sleeping bag, flashlight, 2 granola bars, a can of tuna, a can of beans, a hairbrush, and a pack of hair ties and rope, lay inside this bag. I should probably keep it all, I guess. Now, the next step is to make a shelter, or find one. Trees branches, rocks, leaves, are some of the only available supplies. I need to make the shelter so it can fold up and I can carry it. I need to be careful to not waste supplies either. I could probably make a shelter out of tree branches and add leaves on the top a a semi-waterproof roof. I don't have time tonight so I need to find a safe place to lay my head and rest. A cave or a tree are really all the options I have. I don't know, I think a tree is probably a safer place. There is a lot of possible things that would happen in a cave, and if I stay in the tree, the risks are reduced. I don't know if I should or not because there is also a possibility that I could fall if I stay in the tree. I don't care it works better than a cave. Okay, let's go find a tree to climb. There are so many around and I want with thick, but numerous branches. Hold up, I found the perfect one. Let's climb. I have to be a pretty good distance from the ground so probably like the 10th or 11th branch will do. Okay let's get my sleeping bag out and I can use my backpack as a pillow. 
When I wake, I see the brilliant orange of the sunrise. I try to swing my leg back around the branch and next thing I know I am falling down to the ground, screaming. My head hits a branch, and instantly, it starts to bleed. Finally, I see that I have stopped falling, and I am the perfect position to see the orange sunrise, as it fades into blues and yellows, I can feel myself fading. I try to sit up, and my head just won't move. I look back at the orange sunrise and I am glad it is the last thing that I get to see in this world. 


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