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blue + red = purple #escapril

By: Julius Caesar


Every where I look around me, 
all I see are shades of blue
Turquoise, periwinkle, navy
So many varieties of blue
so i can distinguish what is around me. 
Though all it is,
is a curse. 

For years I live,
despising this colour
that I've been born to see. 
Every morning I open my eyes,
and all I feel is dread.

But that's when I met you.
You asked me what I saw,
When I said blue your eyes lit up.
Immediately, you asked me to describe it,

I could see the fascination in your eyes,
With every word I said, I could see
a new shade of blue on you. 

And then you told me that all you saw was red.
Rubies and roses and apples
and scarlet and jam
, you said
When you were done,
I knew that you were the one

Several shades of red and blue later,
You kissed me, and the world changed colour.
I knew that you could see it too
When we both stumbled back a bit
And looked and one another in amazement.
The world was purple. 
Violet and lavender and amethyst, I started
and iris and orchid and mauve, you finished

Now, every morning I wake up,
I see various shades of purple, 
Along with your face and,
for once, 
I don't dread opening my eyes.

Message to Readers

escapril day... 9, I think?? prompt: focus on the colour. this one is kinda inspired by Halsey's song "Colors". But I can't interpret her songs that well or relate to them so I just took a lot of literalness out of it and took out tragedy. I think I overdid this. It definitely isn't my best piece. Anyhoo, hmu with comments on what you think.
~Julius Caesar

Peer Review

i love the idea of the piece. I might even try to write one like it except with my own twist.

This is literally so amazing and I really just love the concept. You wrote this with such beauty and I love it.

Reviewer Comments

I love Halsey's songs. My favorite is probably colors though. You definitely brought her song into this.