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Not a gay story, but it is a poem. I wrote it a while ago but it was in my gay stories book.


April 11, 2019


Me, The outcast among them all
All of them are like planets, and 
I am just a cell. They look 
Upon me with disgust, yet
suspicion. All but one.
Only one other cell with me. Not like them
The planets, you see. 
The other cell looks at me equally, then looks
at the planets with disgust.  
The planets created 
by cells, see use, the cells with suspicion
and disgust, only they themselves
were one once. 
Me, the outcast among them all
Me, a planet. I look at those 
cells with disgust and suspicion.
Me. Finally changing, recreated. 
I am the one without the outcasts. 
Now, I see the 
Outcasts, the same way my planets saw me.
Try, don't break the code. Cells, useless, look 
at them with disgust. 
But maybe it's time to let that rule go. 
Me, a planet. 
One with the outcasts.
One with the cells. 
    Me, The outcast.
        Once Again. 


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