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First Chapter of the story series, The Mask!

The Mask ~Chapter 1~

April 18, 2019


   She always hid behind a mask of beauty and mystery. She would hide her true self behind her fake blue eyes, phony black silky hair, and a masked clear face. She mesmerized people with her deceptive smile and used her powers to make them believe she was beautiful. Magical. For they would do anything for a pretty girl like her, right? Yes. Until the day it all backfired. The story begins with Rosa, a young woman with everything. Money, power, a family. She loved her family and friends and they loved her. It seems like a perfect story right. A girl who had it all. Well Rosa did have it all until one day. It all happened on her 22nd birthday...

    “Angelina! Come help me get the this zipper!” I yelled down the hall to my best friend, who was in the bathroom. “Hold on one second,” she called back, the water from the sink ceasing to run. The opened the door and came out, wearing a black knee length dress that made her hazel eyes stand out. Her sandals were strapped up her calves and her diamond earrings glimmered in the light. She frizzed out her curly brown hair and walked in my direction to help me. I held the dress up while she zippered it and then looked in the mirror in awe. It was a red strapless dress that went down to my feet and had a plunging V-neck. I put on my black heels and started to apply my make-up. Red lipstick, silver eyeshadow, and eyeliner. I completed the look with my necklace that had my daughters birthstone, along with mine. Amethyst. I sat on the bed, and after I finished brushing out my blonde hair and braiding it, I sat and twirled my wedding ring around my finger. 
    “Cheer up, Rosa!” Angelina, being Hispanic, tends to roll the R in my name. “It’s your birthday, chica.” She sat next to me and fumbled for something in her bag. “I know it’s my birthday. Is just I’m worried, about Lizzy and James.” I got up and began pacing the room, watching her dig around her bag, sparing glances at me. “No need...to worry...about your husband and...baby girl. God! Where did I put it!” She threw her hands up, done searching the inside of her bag and started looking in the side pockets. “Ah-ha!” She pulled out a little box and handed it to me. “Happy birthday Rosa.” I took the box from her, bouncing from one foot to the other instead of pacing and opened it. Inside was a a ring made of gold and silver. It had small diamonds emblemed into it and it looked beautiful. I gasped in awe and gave Angelina a huge hug. I slid the ring onto my finger, “Thank you.” I examined the ring again and she got up with her bag and pulled me with her downstairs. On the couch, watching TV was James with Lizzy in the Pack N Play. 
    “Hey beautiful,” James said standing up and walking over to me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and gave him a quick kiss, leaving a tint of red on his pale lips. He brushed hands through his hair and smiles down at me. “You have your food ready for tonight, right? I put it in the fridge and Lizzy’s  formula on the counter with the bottle. And please don’t forget her favorite pacifier is the dark blue one. Make sure you give it to her when she goes to bed and give her the knitted blanket because the other ones in the-“ He cut me off with a kiss, “I’ll be fine...I promise.” “Okay.” I walked over to the Pack N Play and picked up Lizzy. “Hey baby girl. Mommy’s leaving for a little while and will be back later, okay?” She looked up at me with her curious gray eyes and reached for my braid. “No, no, no,” I said softly, kissing her on the head, “Love you, baby girl.” I placed her back down in the Pack N Play and faced James again. “Love you. And please don’t forget that she needs a bath right after dinner or else-“ This time Angelina pulled me away, cutting me off from what I was saying. “Love you!” I yelled as I was pulled out the door. James gave a little wave as Angelina pulled the door shut. “Come on! Lets go!”


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  • Gray_1604

    I usually use first person in all of my stories. Thanks for the feedback!

    4 months ago
  • Juliana

    I noticed that you are using first person. Do you have a reason for that? That should definitely be a deliberate choice; make sure you show that. Whatever your reason, first person shouldn’t sound like a normal narrative. The narrator should have an opinion and emotions.

    4 months ago