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just a 13-year-old daydreamer
cali girl
loves music and has a major sweet tooth

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"If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way."- Martin Luther King Jr.
I am a California girl at heart. I am drawn to water and all things with a rare beauty inside and out. Everything from the beach to the comfy feeling of my bed is where inspiration strikes me to write.
"Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon."-Paul Brandt

the whirlwind of fire and water

April 18, 2019


    Embers flying through the smoke-filled sky. The orange flames burning into the night. The warm heat toasting the sky and its surroundings. The fire playing "catch me if you can' with the waves of the dark mysterious ocean. Water lapping at the sandy beaches, pale white. Two elements against each other.

     People spray at the never-ending flames leaving a hissing sound where it burnt. The scorched ground crying for help. The night, dark and silent, with only the sound of snapping branches to bring it back the reality of fire. The ocean waves calm and gentle.

The salty air colliding with the smoke creating a haze, a blanket of the unknown over the town.  A wave crashes over the bridge creating a hiss, smothering the flame. The wind blows the embers into the meadow, grass lighting the night.

    The pale pink sky turns orange as the sun rises from its dwelling place. The light sparkles over the water, creating a sea of diamonds. Firefighters rush to the orange sparks, spraying cool refreshing water an elephant does on a hot day.

    A brave girl steps under the caution tape runs down the sand and dips her toes into the ocean. She smells the air, so salty and refreshing. She walks slowly into the blue mystery. A wave crashes over her head, but she persists. She dives under the cold blue water, never to be spotted again. Seagulls make their final call as the ocean rises into a tidal wave. CRASH! The world, in an aqua haze. The salty air. The sand. The embers. The flame. The whirlwind of fire and water.

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