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Creating The World

April 18, 2019


God tapped his foot on the floor, thinking. 

    "How should the world be like?" he asked himself. His angels stood by his side, thinking too. He held his pencil, bouncing it up and down. A piece of paper lay before him on a table. He had written down several things: Land, water, and snow. God wrote down more things: Animals, trees, plants, clouds. God racked his brain for more things to create. 

    Caves, mountains, hills, slopes, canyons. 

One angel cleared his throat. 

    "Yes, Gabriel?" God said. 

    "Maybe you could add natural resources, like metal," Gabriel said.

    God nodded in agreement. He wrote more things down.

    Natural resources. 

God picked up his piece of paper. He was happy. He blew against it, and everything came to life. Earth was made. The solar system was made. Things he didn't write also appeared. The sun appeared. The moons materialized. God teleported to Earth. He looked around at all the life. But something was missing. 

    "I must make someone in my own image," God said. "Someone to rule and command all the animals." He took mud, dirt, and sand, and made a blob of a man. He held what would be his head, although it looked like a watermelon. He blew into the man's "nostrils," and the man came to life. Then, he took a rib from the man and made a woman. God said his goodbyes and floated back to Heaven. There, he stood by one of his windows, thinking. 

    What if I made another planet, far away from Earth, that held life too? 

    God got up and grabbed a piece of paper.


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1 Comment
  • ViSchultz07

    That is so creative it boggles my mind thinking in that way. If that were true I wonder if we would see the life of those being in heaven. Or maybe they never sinned. What if the new earth is their earth! *My mind blows up*

    3 months ago