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I am a young teen writer who just loves to play casually with some words and expression.

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I want answers, what do you understand?

What to write?

April 18, 2019


What to write when you can't think
Can't think for a happy wave 
Can't feel a thunder of grief
Just what to write?

When your head is on your neck
But your dreams having tea with moon
When your heart's all grey
But still you step with red shoes out

What to write?
When you want to cry
But have to wear a great smile
Although fake one but it has a life

What to write?
When clouds don't let you see the sun
And one sun comes up
It delays the rain you have been waiting for

What to write?
When you want to die
But can't because it is not time
Yet still you have to wait

How to write?
When you see
People all dressed up in pretty costumes
Try to blind you with a light indulged in a mist
And you know it
Because they are part of you
This piece is a golden one, not all could understand it but one who does can relate it.


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