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Writing is my life
You should love who you are with no regrets
A boy overseas once told me that I wasn't worth loving but love is greater than someone's imperfections
Quarantine is the best way to save lives, even if we are all bored out of our minds
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April 19, 2019


Lately, I have been questioning so much. 
I have been questioning
Life and the reasons why
I have been questioning
Myself and who I really am
I have been questioning
Everyone around me and their actions
I have been questioning 
If everyone I know is who they really say they are
I don't know who to trust
I don't know who to believe
Because someone has to be lying to me
There can't be two different stories about the same thing
Who is lying?
Who can I trust?
Can I even trust anyone?
Can I even trust myself?
Lately, I have been questioning. 


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