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I have two other pieces like this. One is called "Truth" and the other is "Love". Go read them if you liked this one.


May 8, 2019


A pretty simple word. 
Only a couple letters long. 
When you put the letters together
Nothing is simple anymore
It becomes something that people do
Just to get back at someone
Who hurt them
They can't just accept the person's apology
They can't accept the person's sorrow
Nothing is simple after those letters go together. 
Revenge for doing something on accident. 
Revenge for being alive.
Revenge for doing nothing. 
Revenge for no reason. 
Nothing is simple after those letters go together. 
Because people are vengeful 
People's actions are weapons
People's words are weapons
They don't know what happens
Behind a hidden face, 
Behind someone's mask
Revenge broke me
Revenge ripped my heart to shreds
Revenge ruined everything in my life
Because of one thing I did
I now use a mask
To hide that I am breaking
To hide that I am broken
To hide that I don't want to be alive
To hide everything that is left of me
To hide
The revenge I want to get
But I know that Revenge is not a pretty simple word
It is only a couple of letters
When you put the letters together it breaks a heart
It breaks everything in one split second
Nothing is simple with


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