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I wrote this in English class with the help of my best friend.
Their instagram is @Some_Hoe. Snapchat is @SomeHoe(I think.)

Winter Sensory Poem

May 17, 2019


Winter is Happiness.
The color of a frozen lake on which many people ice skate and the gray clouds that hold the brilliant white snow. 
It feels like snowflakes on your skin, the joy of building a snowman and the warmth of family and friends.
It sounds like children playing, Christmas music, and family gatherings. 
It has the smell of rain but not quite the same, warming up next to the crackling fire, and the wonderful spices of cinnamon and ginger.
It tastes like fresh homemade sugar cookies, hot cocoa after a long day in the cold, and freezing cold peppermint. 
Winter is Happiness.


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