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You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.
- C. S. Lewis


June 12, 2019


That is what I am. I do not have a name. I am just Emotionless. 

In a world where emotions are developed as you grow older and passed down from parents to a child but also handed out like objects, they have become a massive part of society. It can be a joyous occasion when someone develops a new emotion but it can also be used to harm others. 

Everyone is born with a single emotion, throughout life receive more, and grow to be more content and full. Except for one, on the 16th September 2001, there was one. One born without any emotions, they did not cry, they did not smile.
They are just blank. 
10 years and 3 months later…
I know I am not like everyone else, I know I am strange and no one likes me even my own parents left me. I am not sad or angry about it. It is just my history. I got told that when I was born and handed to my parents that they were so happy to see me and were waiting to see my reaction. I just didn't react, i was blank, I did nothing. When they realised that I wasn't going react and I had no emotion they were horrified and yelled at the doctors to get rid of me. 

I do not know what emotion is, I have never felt it. I just sit in my small corner of the world and be. 

 I was sitting on the footpath just waiting for the day to go by, people would walk past me some were fast and some were on a stroll with their children. Fast, busy, slow, I do not care. There was an older woman who I saw every day; she would walk from the Bus stop to the Town Square and in a couple of hours walk back. 

Today she stopped in front of me. ‘You kids these days, you all look like you have no emotion on you.’ She thinks for a second and looks in her bag ‘Here.’ She throws to me what looks like a marble and I look closely at it, it has the word ‘Curious’ written in small golden writing. 

‘What is this? What do I do with this?’ I ask, “Are you serious you look to be ten or eleven years old, you should know what an emotion orb is, you swallow it. Happy travelling.’ Without another word, she is gone. 

I am sitting here holding the emotion orb, wondering what to do with it. Wait, ‘wonder’? I have never ‘wondered’ about anything. It must me the orb seeping into my skin, into me. 

I take the orb and quickly swallow it. In a flash, a flow of curiosity floods my body. It feels I feel, curious. 
I am not Emotionless, I am Me. I am not the same as everyone else, or anyone else.

I have my own emotions and curiosity might have killed the cat, but it made me alive.


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