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Hiya :) this is a song a wrote a little while ago, you can listen to it on my youtube channel Aimee Beth.
Please let me know if you like this :)

The Residents

July 2, 2019

do your makeup by a lamp that hangs above your head 
we fell asleep in this hotel room theorised that we’d be dead by the morning 
the wallpaper reminds me of the end of the world 

waking up to a lamp that’s hanging by a thread 
surprised that we’re still breathing 
but thankful nonetheless 
the budget orange glow reminds of the end of the world 

replace our blood with sparkling water
flush the memories away 
if i can’t taste the greyish air 
then was it ever even grey 
if you ever get bored of pretending
baby you can just say
we’ll return to the hotel where we first noticed the space 

my feet smack against the floorboards, my veins are filled with rage 
we’ve lost the will to sleep, muted blend into the haze 
this mess of regrets reminds me of the end of the world 

i’d probably marry you if you asked me
we don’t know how much time we’ve got left before we leave 
and we’ve never been the type to go quietly 
i’ll keep my vows until we dip into irrelevancy  

triple check the locks on the doors 
keep the residents at bay 
careful not to smudge the outline in white chalk where we lay 
if you ever get bored of pretending baby you can just say 
i’ll get closer to the fire let the wax melt off my face 

the walls have got ears
there’s nowhere to hide 
even if you whisper to me they won’t be far behind 
and they’ll dance in the ruins 
in the wreck of you and i
it’s almost funny how the final straw was tryna stay alive 

place your cup in the holder keep your eyes on the road 
keep pretending we’ll forget this, that it’s fine now it’s over
the lack of familiarity behind your eyes must be the end of the world


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1 Comment
  • The Shadow

    I think your lyrics is really meaningful, I really liked it! :D

    3 months ago