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Thank you for reading the second chapter of my novel Incognito, hope you enjoyed it!! Make sure to check out the first chapter of Incognito, all you have to do is click the search button and then select on "Title of Work" on the drop down menu, then search "Incognito: Chapter 1." One question, I have is do you spell the color grey, "grey" or "gray?" Thank you for reading, good luck on your writing!!

Incognito: Chapter 2

July 15, 2019


Her eyes blurred, she blinked a couple of times and saw a blurred image of Natasha. “What happened?!” Natasha yelled. She managed to mutter, “Someone… called … mirror,” as she spoke she strained to lift her frail finger and pointed at the mirror.

The next time she was conscious, she was in her bed in a much more comfortable position then what she was after the incident. 

“You’re lucky it’s the weekend.” Leo smirked.

“I called you guys to tell you something important. Come here.” said Natasha with an oddly placid face, Morgan knew what was coming.

She led them into her room. 

“No offense, but your room is one of the most boring-est rooms in the world.” Leo retorted.

It was painted black, gray and gold, similar to the rest of the dorm. The only reason Leo actually wanted to say it was to aggravate Natasha. Natasha glared at him and he laughed and ruffled his hair making him look like his usual self. 

“Anyways, remember on Morgan’s birthday last year she had a weird fainting thing?”she questioned.

“I immediately told Kaleb, about this since, of course, he is most skilled in research.” Natasha explained.

Kaleb stood up and started to explain, he took a small, thick piece of parchment and rapidly unfolded it into a chart.

“What the- how did you fit that, in your pocket.” Leo exclaimed looking bewildered.

Kaleb smiled, but ignored it. The chart looked like a mess of circles, if Kaleb hadn’t explained it. After a few minutes of some ‘scientific logic’ Kaleb explained Leo butted in:

“Whoa, whoa. Slow down, can you talk in English, or should I explain?”

Kaleb sighed, “Fine, I will explain it in more simple words.”

“We did not absorb these powers from stimuli, for none of Earth’s creatures have the complexity to do that. So we were born with it. Do you guys get it?” Kaleb asked.

“Our parents.” Morgan muttered.
“Exactly, our origins have passed this inhuman characteristic to us, because we all got a calling like this before.”

The word ‘calling’ made Morgan shudder.

“It seems like someone wants Morgan to go through the mirror, so Natasha, I am giving you a job. Next time Morgan has another one of these callings, speed dial.”

Natasha nodded.

“And most importantly, this conversation should not go out these walls.” he replied affirmatively.

“Shh… I said shh!” Morgan whispered.

On the window sill, there was a magnificent greyish, silver bird peering in the room as if it was part of the conversation. "It is the grey bird this place was named after!" whispered Kaleb. As soon as the silvery grey bird noticed they were all staring at it, it flew off.

“Well, other than that bird.” Leo added.

Morgan frowned, why was that bird there throughout the conversation, why had it just left when they were done? She swiped that thought aside, she had other things to worry like final exams. They called it a day and continued to study. Leo made one last snarky comment about Natasha’s room and left.

Days and days transformed into weeks and weeks, one day while they were all studying, Morgan blurted out:

“Guys, I know that you all are waiting for another calling, but I can’t control it, I also want to figure out why it is happening, but I can’t control it!”

They all stared at her in astonishment.

“What, did I say something wrong?” she replied to their gazes.

“No, but it’s okay, we know you are trying your hardest, plus we get extra time to prepare.” Kaleb responded.

They stayed in an awkward silence for the rest of the time.

“How was that final?” Natasha asked Morgan.

“Eh, it was pretty easy if you ask me.” Morgan replied.

“Same goes for me.” Natasha replied.

They had just finished a long day of school and were exhausted. Morgan was setting her bag down underneath her desk and looked up and saw her reflection in the mirror. Why am I so ordinary? Why am I not different? Why does no one notice me? She sighed, about to look away and something caught her eye. The bird, the silvery grey bird sitting at the windowsill again, what was it doing here and why was it looking at Morgan? The bird cocked its head and flew away. Morgan turned around and muttered something like “dumb birds” under her breath. Suddenly, she felt a stirring sensation in her stomach she looked at her reflection in the mirror again, uh-oh, it’s happening again she thought. Again, familiar incantations were pouring out her mouth, this time the words felt more tangible than last time. Her eyes blurred, but in the corner of her eye, she saw a blurry view of Natasha hurriedly talking on her phone. Morgan tried to control it, but it was too powerful. She felt Natasha, Leo and Kaleb holding on to her, as they delved deeper into the mirror.
Do you spell the color grey, "grey" or "gray?"


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