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"Serve the Lord with gladness; come before his presence singing."
Psalm 100:2

18yo Christian Fantasy writer.

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Hey! I'm sorry for creating yet more confusion. I'm in the process of leaving my CuaCriaulthy account and I accidentally used it to publish this piece earlier.
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Loving Arms Refuse to Hold Me

July 12, 2019


Refuge is the warmth I feel when your arms are around me, holding me until the pain is gone. Until I no longer feel like the world will break me and the tears I cry wash myself away. 
The warmth fills the empty cracks in my heart so it can shine again. 
Safety. Welcome. Strength. 

Refuge means I never have to face life by myself. You're always by my side, ready fight with me, ready to carry me from the battlefield if I fall, willing to wait at my bed until I'm healed. 
The blanket of your embrace always ready to cover me in the night. 
Forever. Loyalty. Shelter.

Refuge is something I've never had. I've had to face life alone. I have to fill the cracks in my own heart. I have to fight by myself. I make my own blanket.
The world might break me.
Struggling. Breaking. Hurting.


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