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Message to Readers

Here it is- the second edition! Do you like this one better? I tried to leave it more vague. Does it still give the jist of the story, or do I need to put some of the original back in?

Altered State

August 14, 2019

    Breathing heavily, I speak into the phone. “Three days ago, men in suits took my father. I tried to look for him at his work. I had always thought he worked at a hospital, delivering babies. Hardly! I don't understand it all, but... My society is not what I thought it was, not as natural as I thought it was. I think there’s more to the story, but I'm not sure who I can trust. I-”
    I inhale sharply and listen from my hiding spot. And then my suspicions are confirmed- someone else is here.
Does everything make sense? I'm thinking about developing this idea into a novel. What do you think? Would you read it as a novel? Did you enjoy the flash fiction version? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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