I'm a Christian girl, big nerd, lover of animals, permanent bookworm, amateur cook, Percy Jackson fangirl, and a huge writer. I'm always writing stories or poems of different genres, and there will forever be something I'm sort of working on.

Message to Readers

I would like to know if anything is confusing, if I can improve the flow or word choice at all. Thanks!

A Cool, Dry Place

August 14, 2019

The school bell rang futility in the thundering rain. Students slowly ventured into the gray sheets. Lynn snapped open her umbrella. Droplets thudded onto the thin fabric, and her shoes sagged as she walked.
 Krista was there, a hood drawn over her highlighted hair. Her bare legs were streaming with water. Looking away from Lynn, she toyed with her bare wrist.
Lynn looked at her own missing friendship bracelet. She wondered if Krista's voice was still the same. She held out her umbrella hesitantly. Krista stared at her, surprised, but ducked underneath. And they waited together in the rain.
(Editors: I apologize for alarming you and thank you for your concern. It was purely fiction. Again, thank you.)
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