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This is my first WTW competition and entry, so I'm not very familiar with what a typical entry looks like, so any feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks so much!

The Mother-To-Be

August 14, 2019

    How tender, a moment can be. It is a waltz; they merrily dance together in pure bliss and all smiles. They break apart, and stare into the other’s eyes.
    He knows what’s coming, but she is too quick. Her grasp stretches and he is caught, before he isn’t. His headless body falls as she crunches. His skull is brittle in her jaw.
    She trots away, a belly full of him, a womb full of eggs. She knows, Nature –not history this time– will repeat itself. Perhaps next time, it will be her son’s head in another woman’s belly.
Would like to clarify, this flash fiction piece is about praying mantises and how the female can bite the male's head off from mating. Thank you!


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