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A boy overseas once told me that I wasn't worth loving but love is greater than someone's imperfections
Quarantine is the best way to save lives, even if we are all bored out of our minds
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A Devil In White

August 13, 2019


of knowing you
i thought i could put my trust in you
but then i figured out how i was wrong
oh so so wrong
you were with her
i was with him
they werent there so you leaned in
i tried to tell you no
i tried to push you away
but then you kissed me for the first time that day
little did i know you would do it again
not just one kiss or even two but three
you made me into someone i was not
becuase i tried to tell them
that just because you wore white
that just because you looke innocent
you were not
the words of truth came spilling out onto paper
i gave them letters to try and make it all stop
make the guilt
the pain
the hurt inside stop
they didnt believe me
because you told them
that you were  exactly who they thought
but little did they know that
you were an devil in white


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