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Lives in Idaho
In the 10th Grade
Born in San Diego
Proud Bisexual

Message to Readers

This is dedicated to my girlfriend. She is literally the most amazing, kind, adorable person alive and I can't belive after all these years I finally get to call her mine.


August 23, 2019


I fell in love 
With her on day one
When she was the first
To take my book away 
From my face
And ask me my name
But I didn't realize it then 
I fell in love 
With her even more 
When others started to trickle in  
She still took her time 
With me
I still didn't realize it 
I fell in love 
With her the day she moved away
She was my first friend 
In this town I live in 
She was so many firsts
I didn't realize still 
That she was the love of my life
We still talked 
Even after a year
I was starting to think
That maybe I wasn't 
At least all the way
I was still in love
With her
It's been almost 
One and a half years
Since she left 
But now
I know 
That I love her 
And she loves me 
She has saved me 
And now she is 
One more first


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