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United States

Lives in Idaho
In the 10th Grade
Born in San Diego
Proud Bisexual

Message to Readers

In honor of my birthday, I wrote this piece. If you all want to to write a piece, title it, "#My BIrthday," and I will get to all the pieces that I can.

My Birthday

August 27, 2019


This day 
15 years ago
At 12:59 pm 
I was born
Yes technically it's my birthday 
But it doesnt really feel like one
Not when my dad is sick
My brothers are constantly arguing
My sister is constantly being rude 
And my step-mom making me a slave
I just wanted one day where I could be me
Hang out with my friends
Kiss my girlfriend
Love who I wanted to 
Be who I was 
Without the Judgement and 
Without the hate

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