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Aren't I such a good person? #thisismyway

September 11, 2019


I waved goodbye to my best friend, as I walked out of the gate. I smiled in content. I had gotten 100% on my Science test.. again. 

"Hey! Wait a sec, Izzy!"

I turned and smiled at Charlotte. Known commonly as Lottie, she was a year younger than me, and was also on the student council. She had large rainbow braces, a slightly ragged school uniform, and poofy brown hair.

"You're organising the charity bake sale, right?" She panted. 

"Yeah," I smiled. "Don't worry, it's all in hand."

"Ok, cool." She smiled at me, having regained her breath. "See you next week, then?"

"Yeah," I smiled back at her. "Bye Lottie!"

On my way home, I swung past the OzHarvest warehouse to let them know that the money from the bake sale would be on the way to them in a weeks time. Then, I went down to the local park, to do my weekly park-clean-up with my friends. The park was so dirty, it was honestly despicable.

When I finally got home, I checked the mail. In it was a letter from my younger brother's school Principal. He had gotten a detention again. 

Hmmm... I thought. Dad's away, and Mum's drunk. I'll have to deal with this.

As I went into the house, Matt, my brother, was waiting. 

"I can explain, Izzy! It was all a mistake."

I just smiled at him. He sagged in defeat.

After the beating, brutal so that he would learn his lesson, and not bring shame on me and my family again, he went up to bed. I would be too in a couple of hours: the early bedtime with no dinner was another punishment. 

Today I had:
Organised a charity bake sale for OzHarvest, made a new friend, gotten good grades on my test in Science, and beaten my brother so that he wouldn't get a detention again. 

Aren't I such a good person?
I did the prompt 'The evil inside." Like or hate it, and the main character, it certainly was fun to write! Though the main character, Izzabelle, certainly is despicable. 


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