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Lies, Secrets & Action

September 11, 2019


"Ugh, Dad I'm going to be late for school! Come on!" Ivy shouted from the hallway, her voice booming. No answer came back.
"Dad! Please, I'll be late!" Ivy tried again. Silence. Ivy stared down the gloomy hallway. What was taking him so long? Ivy rolled her eyes and walked into the living room. Quiet whispers hit her ears as she entered the room. That was normal. Her father said she had been born with a weird sense of whispers from the dead. Ivy saw her father standing on the other side of the room. 
"Dad let's go now I don't want to be-" Ivy was cut off as her father vanished in mid-air. Now that wasn't normal. Ivy stared in shock and confusion. Then she heard footsteps on the other side of the wall. Ivy put her ear against the wall and could hear the whispering voices properly. 
"Let's just do it. She can't know the truth."
"No, I've had enough of doing things outside of the production." 
"But we can't close the school again! She would get too suspicious."
"But most of our actors are sick! We can't do it!"
Close school? Sick actors? What kind of dead people talked about that? Ivy was lost in thought until she heard a familiar voice. 
"C'mon Ivy! Time for school!" Dad called. 

Ivy walked through the bronze gates of her school, Westbrook Collage. Kids were sitting around chatting and gossiping. Whenever Ivy came by them they always moved away from her. She had told her dad this, and he said that it was common and the kids would grow out of it. Ivy wasn't sure. Ivy heard the bell ring for period one classes and she made her way up the stairs to the Year 7 English classroom. Ivy sat down at the front and watched as kids came and sat down away from her. Ivy sighed. Why couldn't she be cool? Ivy looked up and saw a dark brown-haired girl with black eyeliner and pink eye shadow. She had glossy red lipstick on and had fake hot pink streaks in her hair.  Ivy smiled as the girl came and sat down next to her. At least her friends would sit by her. 
"Hi Maddy," Ivy bubbled joyfully and Maddy smiled.
"Hey," Maddy said getting out her small makeup mirror to look at her face.
"Wanna come over to my house after school?" Ivy asked. 
"Nah, sorry I have stuff to do," Maddy murmured her focus mostly on the mirror.
"Maybe on the weekend then?" Ivy prompted. But before Maddy could reply Mrs. Clark, the English teacher strode in and plunked her bag on her desk. Another boring English lesson, Ivy thought miserably. 

Ivy sat on the oak wood bench, waiting for her friends to arrive. Maddy was already there looking at herself in the mirror again. Ivy perked up as her best friends, Isabel, Sarah, Marina, and Rachela came and sat down at the table. Isabel had brown hair with blonde highlights and chocolate brown eyes. Isabel was the smart one, her intelligence raised to the top of all the classes and always got full marks in her assignments and tests. Sarah had dark brown hair that went down to her waist. She was crazy funny and made everyone laugh (even Maddy who normally just paid attention to her mirror) all the time. Marina had clumped frizzy blonde hair and a big smile. She was always positive and very popular with the kids in school. Rachela had light brown hair with the tinge of orange and ocean blue eyes. Rachela was the adventures one and was very naughty but rarely ever got in trouble. Isabel sat down next to Ivy and gave her a piece of paper.
"Your gonna love this," Isabel assured. Ivy opened the folded paper. It was the results of Ivy and Isabel's French assignment. 
"Full marks, wow," Ivy said sarcastically.
"What's wrong? I thought you wanted to get full marks," Isabel asked confused. 
"Yes, in an assignment I did by myself," Ivy replied gloomily. 

Ivy put the lock on her locker and walked up the stairs towards the science lab for period four. Ivy heard whispers fill the staircase as she walked upward. She remembered the argument she heard this morning and pressed her ear agaisnt the wall. Immidiently she could hear what the voices were saying.
"But I've had enough of this!" Ivy knew that voice. It was Rachela. 
"You're not leaving." Is that Mrs. Clark's voice? Ivy wondered. Then how could these be whispers from the dead?
"My mother says it's too much for me and she's right. I can't keep this up anymore!" Rachela shouted.
"Be quiet, she might hear you," Mrs. Clark hissed. 
"Well then maybe you should tell her the truth," Rachela snapped back. 
"You know that isn't possible," Mrs. Clark claimed. 
"Then I'm leaving the set," Rachela snarled. Leaving the set? what does she mean?
"You will not," Mrs. Clark jabbered, "We can't keep making everyone holograms! Especially you." 
 "Well, then you tell Ivy the truth," Rachela spoke calmly.
"I told you that-" Mrs. Clark was cut off by Rachela.
"Tell her the truth about all this! About how it isn't real, but a set for a T.V. Show! About how the whispers she hears isn't dead people but people who run the show! And that no one goes near her because they are holograms and she will know if she touches them!" Rachela boomed. Ivy stepped away from the wall, about to faint. Everything made sense now. All this wasn't real. She was on a T.V. show. Ivy felt the world blur around her and her head feel dizzy. Questions ran through her head. Were her friends really her friends? Was her dad really her dad? Was her name even Ivy? Ivy felt her body fall on the staircase, and the world went black. 


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  • Samina

    Wow very well written. I loved the end. It is so good. Sorry but I will review it today. Sorry for the delay

    3 months ago
  • El1678

    To everyone that liked my story, Lies, Secrets & Action, I will be writing a part 2 to the story! I hope you like it!

    5 months ago
  • Juliana

    This is really creative! One suggestion: I don’t think you should explain everything at the end. I think it’s best when you just hint at the truth and let the reader put it together. It can lose some of the hook when you just explain everything.

    5 months ago
  • caityege

    Wow! I love were you have left us! This is amazing!!

    5 months ago