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Knock Knock

September 11, 2019

September 10th, 2019 

All we want is to feel equal. 
Come home and feel accepted. 
Smiling day after day , having joy in our soul. 
Unlike having heartbreak. 
Instead we aren't equal. 
We walk into our home all it is, is just hate. 
Putting a fake smile day after day. 
Brokenness inside of us. 
Daughters and sons jumping into their fathers arms. 
Sitting at the table with so much laughter. 
Waking up to everyone, who we truly love. 
Then come families who wait and wait for their fathers and mothers to come home. 
So we can cry of joy knowing our dreams came true. 
We wake up.
The next morning we, see that all of it was just a dream. 
A dream that hasn't come true. 
Knock knock. 
Who's there? 
We open the door just some helpers. 
Nothing new. 
No surprise.
Eating at the table with little conversation. 
With little joy. 
In our room wanting to damage everything. 
Were so broken, nobody knows. 
Nobody comes in. 
The door is locked. 
Waiting and waiting til, I hear his voice. 
Until I hear the voice of my father. 
The father of mine, who makes me complete. 


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