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woo- part 2


September 16, 2019


As his colleague left the room, he stood admiring the work already present on the girl. Neat, little stitches spread across her chest, the glowing thread already starting to slowly fade into her skin. The most visible part of her missing was her mind which lay fragmented on a tray nearby, similar to many he had seen before but somehow more crumbled than usual. He noticed how her tightly clenched eyes reflected the state of her mind, with each piece further from its original position than it should be, finally allowing him to understand what his colleague had meant by saying that she wasn't affected as much. He sighed, turning to unpack the contents of his briefcase on the prep table, once again trying to figure out why humans as brilliantly smart as they were, continued to stupidly hurt themselves falling for the same tricks that did indeed cause irrevocable damage.

With gloves on, he got to work, first arranging her mind to what it used to look like before the damage on the tray itself. Little pieces of mind were trickier to place, but with that being the hardest part of his job, he took his time, gently picking up each and everyone before examining them closely to find any resemblance to bigger pieces. Considered one of the hardest aspects of the process, piecing minds back together was not for the faint-hearted, requiring a lot of skill in precision and creativity- something which he had in abundance. But like others involved in the process, he too was questioned about his own mindset and obsession with the humans, only his reaction being to distance himself from such people.

The most satisfying part of his job came with the glue he used to stick the mind together. Made of something along the lines of longing, it made it complicated to stick everything perfectly because of its thick and gluggy consistency but proved to be satisfying after completion. Carefully, he dipped his brush into the pot of glue, painting each side of the pieces methodically before attaching the right piece to it smoothly. Content with his final product, he lifted her mind off the tray table, inspecting it thoroughly before lightly placing it into her head, closing the top of it with a final brush of the glue.

As a slight smile on his face, he cleaned up, packing the tray away before clicking his briefcase close. Once again turning to look at the girl as he left, he observed her eyelids slowly relaxing, her face now resting peacefully.

With that, he unpinned his name badge from his coat's breast pocket, leaving it on the prep table to walk out the door- the name printed on the plastic reading Depression.
If this sounds familiar, it's because of this piece I wrote earlier about grief. In that case, I guess this piece is part two of the story- hope you enjoyed!


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