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Y'know, I really hope I can pull off the cool mysterious deep writer persona. That'd be sick.

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Oof this is bad. I'm really ded. I shaved my eyebrow. It's really been like that.

Angry Kids

September 11, 2019


Back and forth ear to ear,
Like it bounces back and forth inside your head between you ears. 

One thought after another. 
So dEeP.
Your brain formulates a million different questions, answers, accusations and none of it makes any coherent sense.

Your brain spins, dizzy. 

This is you. 
This is me. 
Because we're one in the same. 
I live in you. 

You live in me.

Stronger than you muscles is your brains. 
That mushy goop. 
Inside your heat is a fire
a melting pot. 

I understand you, but I will never let you know it.

I will let you wallow in your anxieties, you're alone. No one gets you, you're lost in your heads.
If you can find your own way out of the cliche maze then you've earned it. 

You wanna be angry? Choke on it, 
I thrive in your misery. 

Your teen angst smells like a laughing stock. 

Fix your shirt and pants
I don't care about your individuality. 
You can sit at the top, until I decide.  
Anger is blinding. 
You've tied yourself up in my ropes. 

I'm a nobody. 
An infection inside your head, 
you never lead yourself
I just wait my turn.

Quit telling people your made up truths to make yourself feel better. 

I get it, I get it.
You won't always understand me, but I don't expect it. 
I'm in your head, eating up your brains like a soup. 

Let me explain:
You are mine and I am not yours. 
We don't "belong to each other" 
You wear a blindfold and and play angry king.
I'm the god here. 

Not all audiences understand. 
It's a shame this isn't a play. 


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