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Sorry if my work doesn't "flow" with its self.

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November 2, 2019


                                   In The Past, Late 1956
    It was a cold and rainy day. The best and worst weather for a funeral. It had that sweet smell of fresh rain. Then again, it also smelt like dead people. Our little graveyard wasn't that bad looking or smelling. Exept for when you have an open cascet funeral.
    She looks so sweet when she is dead. Almost as if while she is sleeping there is an infinite good, happy, and beautiful dream going on. Although she looks this sweet, I wish she were still alive; sometimes. She was nice, before she turned on everyone she once loved and started a masicure of her own. Her life was really only beginning, as a brainless freak out for revenge. The strange thing is, no one knows why she turned down that road. She would help out the children when she wasn't working in the graveyard. Maybe that's why. People say that graveyards do things to you, even make you crazy. However, I don't think that is the true reason. I think she just went insane. That's why I held her down as the hospital injected her with the fluids to kill her. That is the reason why we are here today. That is how she died. That is why she wants revenge.
                                   In The Present, Early 1957
I was just going to drive to visit her, well her gravesite, when there was a huge bang.  It was all so fast. At first I didn't know what happened. I took me a bit to realize that it was a car crash. It happened to the car right in front of me and one that was coming from a different direction. Both of the cars' passengers had to be rushed for the hospital, one of the passengers was dead. I decided to head back to my house and visit her another day. After all, I was almost just killed in a car accident on the way to visit my dead sister; Ana.
    When I got home I went over to the couch to sit down. I turned on the TV and the news popped up. It was showing a report on the accident that just happened in front of me. I wasn't surprised it was on the news. I was about to turn it off when a reporter started saying some things I found interesting. She said, "An accident happened here that was so bad all the passengers were rushed to the hospital. One passenger died, he was sitting next to the driver. The weird thing is, one of the drivers said he was just normally driving and then the other car just "flew" into him. He said, 'It didn't look like it was driving normally, it just flew out of nowhere and hit me'. The other driver said that he lost conrol of the steering wheel. He tried pulling it back to normal, but an unknown force was moving it to the right, to the spot where the other car was. All the surrounding cars didn't see what happened, because they were watching the road and the whole accident was too fast. A lot of accidents happen, but from what the drivers told us, this accident wasn't really an accident at all."
                                   In The Past, Late 1955

    I came home from my work at the museum where I work night shifts. I when to the kitchen to get a snack before going to bed. I was reaching for the bread, to make a sandwhich, when I heard a wimpering noise. It was coming from the cabnit under the sink. I opened it and saw Ana, sitting all curled up, softly crying. "What's wrong?" I asked her. She wimpered some stuff, but I couldn't make it out. "Ana, you have to talk to me."
"I... I can't........ do this anymore." she said.
"What do you mean? Ana please talk to me."
"Oh Mike, it's just too...... too hard." she said this in a soft, almost lonely, voice. "Everything for me has changed. Life has changed. Life is hard. I don't know if I can keep on living."
"Ana, what happened, you can tell me. I'm your big brother. I'm supposed to help you, but I can't help you if you don't tell me what happened. What happened? Ana, please tell me."
"I know you want to help Mike, but you don't understand, you can't understand. Some have it good. While others have it bad, like me."
"Have what bad?"
"Of corse you wouldn't know, Mike. You have it good. Unlike me. Unlike my life. That's why I need to end it."
"End what?" I asked her. At this point I was begging her to answer me.
"I need to end my life."
"What! No! Ana, you can't end your life."
"Yes I can! And I will! Just you wait! Wait and see. See what I will do. There is nothing you can do to stop me! I'm sorry Mike. I tried for you. But I can't stop this feeling, and neither can you."
"I'm not going to let you kill yourself! You're only 18! You still have so much more life to live! As your big brother, I won't let you!"
"You can't stop this, Mike. You can't stop me."                                                                   
                                   In The Present, Early 1957
    While we had the funeral, I felt a bit at peace. It was like she was where she was ment to be. I didn't like that she was gone, but I felt as though it is the place she would be the hppiest. Now, I have a different feeling. I am finally saddened by her loss. She was too young to die; but so were the others. She was once too pure to even amagine her being able to do this. Before she was currupted, she was so nice and sweet. She was the prettiest girl in our town. She had a lot of friends, but after what she did tho their families they didn't want to see her ever again.
    I remember us playing together as children. We would play hide and seek in the woods. I could of always won, but some days I would let her win to make her feel special. Looking back on these memories, make me feel like she is still with me. Well, her old self, not that newer one that did all those things. I wish she hadn't done those; she would still be with me then. If only It weren't for that day. The day in the cabnit under the sink. That day, her life changed forever.
                                   In The Past, Late 1955
    The morning of the day her life fell apart, she was happy. It was a normal morning for us. As usual on a Saterday, She got up at around 8:15 to take a shower and make us breakfast. I was sleeping in after I had night patrol at the museum last night, and she was about to go read to the children at the nearby school. I woke up around 8:30 and went to take a shower. As I was going over there she said, "I'm going to the school. Breakfast is on the kitchen table. I'll be back soon. Bye."
I said to her, "Okay thanks. Bye." Now I wonder if I had stopped her from going to work, if she would still have ended up that way. I still don't know exactly what made her flip out like that. However, I don't think that if I stopped her she would've been different. I guess I'll never know.
    Around late afternoon, I went out to go to my work at the museum. I had no idea that when I got home my life would change forever. 
                                   In The Present, Early 1957
    I didn't want to think about Ana for a while. I wanted my old life back. But that can't happen for two reasons. One: Ana is gone, and two: because of what she did. Every month I go around to all the families that she affected and say sorry and give them food, money, or both. Sometimes they invite me in for dinner, they do this because they know I tried to stop her but couldn't. They also know that I experience loss too. The only diference is that there loss was for nothing, mine was for something huge.
    Today is Ana's birthday. She would be 19 years old. After I got up, I went over to take a shower. The cold water felt nice against my skin. Then, it happened. The water went freezing cold. I jumped out of the way of the water. Then, the water froze. Litteral ice was coming down from my facet. I tried turning the heat up for the water, to see if it would melt it. The ice vanished, not melted, it just vanished into thin air. The water was a warmish temperature. I decided to keep it like that, so it wouldn't freeze again. Just in case, I turned it up a litle warmer. Then it happened again. Except this time, instead of the water freezeing, it started to really heat up. It was burning my skin as it touched me. I tried jumping out of the way, then the showerhead moved on its own. When it moved, it moved the flow of water to spray directly at me! I jumped out of the shower to avoid the burning hot water. Then, the shower curtain flung open and the showerhead moved to spray me with the burning water. I was strarting to get actuall burns from the water. I ran out of the bathroom and slammed the door shut. I didn't even have time to wash the soap out of my hair. Just then, was when I realized I was still naked. I went into my bedroom and threw on some cloths, grabbed an extra shirt the try and rub the soap out of my hair, and went over to the phone. I dialed the number 911 and waited for them to answer.
"Hello, this is 911, what is your emergency?"
"Hi, umm, I'm not really sure what happened. So I was just taking a normal showerand I like my shower a little cold. Then, all of a sodden the water got super cold and ended up freezeing. My shower water just froze-"
"Well maybe your showerhead or water pump is broken. This doesn't sound like an emergency."
"Well I wasn't done. It gets a ton weirder. So, after it froze, I turned the water to go a little warmer; to try and melt the ice. Then, the ice just vanished into thin air! So, I turned the heat up a bit more, scared that it would freeze again, then like five seconds later the water started to really heat up. It was so hot that when it touched my skin it burned me. I have the burns to prove it. Because I was getting burned, I jumped out of the shower. After I did that, the shower curtain flug open and the showerhead tuned on its own. The water sprayed me again, and the water was even hotter. So, I ran out of the bathroom and slammed the door. I still had soap in my hair and I was naked."
"That is weird, and you didn't have to tell me that last part."
"Sorry, it just made it sound better, and weirder." I said, a little embarressed. "So will they come over?"
"Yes, I will send them."
"Okay, please hurry. I don't like being alone in this house anymore."
"I will try my best. Where is your house?"
"Oh it is 307 Terror Lane."
"Wow, that is a weird street name."
"Yeah, I know."
"Okay, I'm sending them now."
"Thank you, good bye." The phone call ended and I decided to sit on the couch and wait for the police to come. The couch was right up against the window. I herd the police cars' sirens, so I quickly got up and started for the door. Just as I reached the door, a police car rammed right into the side of my house; right where the couch was. Then, another police car rammed into that police car. Glass, some of my couch, and a lot of blood, went flying all over my house. I went over to the phone again, and called 911.
"Hello, this is 911 what is your emergency?"
"This is me again, the police cars you sent just crashed into my house! Please sent an abulance!"
"Oh my gosh. Okay I am right now!"
"Tell them to be careful, but to hurry."
"Yes, yes. Good bye."
"Thank you." The call ended and I went over to the cars to see if the policemen were okay. I looked in the first car and saw two policemen. Both were deffinetly dead. There is no way they could survive a crash through a wall and then have another car smash into the back of your car. I went outside to check the back car. I looked in and saw that the passenger next to the driver was flung out and smashed against the car in front of them. He was diffinetly dead. The driver of that car, was very hurt, but seemed to be alive. He was groaning from pain, and tried to say something to me. I could only make out, "Help me out." So I did just that. I helped him lift himself out of the car and onto the sidewalk outside of my house. His head was bleeding but not too bad. He most likely has a concussion. How ever, the rest of him is really banged up. There is medal wedged into his knee, blood gushing out, and his clothes are all shredded and bloody. Just then I heard an ambulance come. I saw it and it didn't go crazy like the police cars did. there was one police car trailing behind it. It came and they loaded the one alive police officer into the ambulance. Then, it raced down the road, straight to the hospital. The police car pulled over and four policemen came to take in the scene. Three of them looked around, while the other one investigated me. He was asking about the accident, and I told him exactly what I saw. After I was done being questioned, he went around the area asking people if they saw anything, and if they did, what they saw. The third guy came over to me and asked about why the first policemen came here in the first place. I told him about whathappened to me in the bathroom, exept for the part where I was naked. He shook his head and said, "This sound a lot like that car accident a few days ago on the intersection."
"Oh yeah. I was the car right behind the one that got hit. I didn't exactly see what happened, but I heard all about it on the news. Could that be a coincidence?"
"I don't know, but this whole thins seems to be very irregular. If you don't mind, me and my fellow officers would like to take you down to the station to sort all of this out."
"Sure, whatever it takes."

                                   Ana's Point Of Veiw

    Screaming, flailing, and tears. That one day changed my life forever. I didn't remember my life before that day, but after that day, it didn't matter. It was night, Mike just went to his room. I grabbed a bag and quickly filled it with some stuff. I wrote a not for Mike saying, "I'm sorry. Good bye Mike." and left it on the table and ran away. I ran as fast as I could. I was so angered by everything. I went to a friend's house and asked if I could stay the night. She let me stay in her guest room. Her and her husband where home. I stayed there that night, but I couldn't sleep. In the morning I got a call from Mike. I didn't answer. then, like a thousand texts popped up on my pone. It was Mike. He was asking if everything was okay, where I was, and he told me to come home. He called again, I only answered to hear his voice one last time.
"Ana where are you! What is happening! Why did you leave?"
"I'm sorry Mike. I have to go. Good bye."
"No Ana! Come home right now!"
"Ana! Come home right now!"
"I said no!"
"Ana, you are coming home wether you like it or not!"
"No I'm not! I am never going back!"
"Yes you are! Now come home!"
"I SAID NO!" I ended the call, trew my phone on the ground, and stomped on it while screaming my head off. My friend came out and tried to talk to me, but I shoved her, hard, into the wall and ran over to the kitchen. I was so furious. I was knocking things over and off the counter tops. I was screaming even more. Dishes and cups went flying and glass went everywhere as they hit the ground and shattered. Her husband came into the kitchen and tried to restrain me. I kept flailing around and kicking him, until his grip on me let go. He was lunging for me again when I grabbed the knife and stabbed him in the heart. He fell slowly to the ground. My friend, well x-friend at this point, quickly got up and called 911. I gathered my things and fled the scene. I didn't feel bad at all. In fact, it felt really good.
    I took shelter in an allyway for the night. I heard constant police sirens flying up and down the roads all night long. At dawn I got my things and started running. Running as far away as I could. I brought some money with me. I went to a grocery store and bought a kitchen knife and a little bag of chips. As I was walking out, the store's TV came on and was showing a report about what I did. There was a photo of me on it. The guy who works there quicklynoticed who I was and started to run after me. I started bolting in the other direction, opening the kitchen knife as I ran. I stopped near the endge of the streat with my back facing towards him. He was about two feet away when he told me to turn around. I only turned my head towards him, and I saw he was unarmed. He took a step in my direction, just before I plunged the knife straight into his gut. He fell to the ground oozing out blood. He looked up at me, then fell perfectly still. At that time, I knew I killed him.
    Other people around the store saw what I did. Two of them to be exact. One called a number on the phone, I assumed it was 911. The other one ran over towards me. I started sprinting again. The guy that was coming after me, stopped at the guy I had killed. Surprisingly after both of those kills, there wasn't a single drop of blood on me.
    The police came rushing down the street. I could see them out of the corner of my eye. They were catching up to me. Then one of them pulled infront of me and I slammed into it, due to my momentum. Out of the car three policemen came rushing out. I tried to go the other way, but another police car blocked me from behind. I was trapped. So I gave up trying to flee. Mike started coming over. He was the only person I might still be able to trust.
"Ana,"he said worried, "What have you done."
"I'm sorry, Mike."
"You don't have to explain to me now."
"Just please let me take you to the hospital."
"No, Mike, I have to stay here. I'm bad for you. I'm rotten, spoiled, currupted."
"I know, but you are my little sister. I can't let you do this."
"I know you can't, Mike."
"Then let me get you help."
"I can't be helped."
"Let me try. Please, Ana. For me."
"Thank you."
"Don't let them hurt me."
"I won't. You will never get hurt ever again." He siad this is a way that made me beleive him, but at the same time I thought that something suspicious was up. He took me into a police car. I let him take me, for he was the only one I trust.
    He took me back to the hospital. Into a dark room. He laid me down on a bed and told me to stay there. I did. I could faintly hear him outside of the room, talking to the police and the doctors.
"We can run tests on her brain, but I personally don't think she can be saved. Whatever has happened to her, most likely can not be reversed."
"I see. What do you think?"
"I think the best thing we can do for her is to put her down. End her suffering."
"Okay. Can I talk with her first?"
"Yes, of course."
    Mike just entered the room and said, "Hi Ana."
"Hi Mike."
"Ana. I'm going to help you okay."
"There is only one way to do that."
"Ana, I'm so sorry for this."
"For what?"
    Just then, doctors came into the room. One of them help me down, while another one strapped me into some restraints. After they finished restraining me, they put something over my head. I realized that they weren't helping me. They were hurting me. Mike made them do it. Mike made them hurt me. I started to flail around. One of my restraints came a little loose, so I kept pulling at it. I tugged it free and one of my arms was able to move freely. I reached over and my hand was tightening around Mike's neck. I was sqeezing it as hard as I could. Even though he is my brother, he betrayed me.
"A...na. Le....t.....go...."
A doctor said, "Ana you have to let go!" 
"NO! YOU ARE JUST GOING TO HURT ME! I HAVE BEEN HURT ENOUGH ALREADY!" All the doctors grabbed my arm and tried forcing it off of Mike. I tried to keep my grip, but I couldn't keep a hold of him. They quickly put the restraint back on. The leather digging into my skin as I tried to break free again. Mike was still catching his breath. He started to say something to the doctors. 
"Do it." He said. I looked at him for the last time. My anger at him was far greater then any emotion.
"Good bye Ana." He said. I looked at him. I knew he could see the anger in my eyes. That was when they injected me with the fulids to kill me. My dying wish was to kill him. To haunt him for the rest of his life. That, is what I am going to do.

                                   In The Present, Early 1957

    They took me back to the station, to try and sort this all out. They asked me questions and I answered truthfully. I was let go and sent to a hotel. The police said they would pay for it, sence they were the ones who wrecked my house.
    I went into the bathroom to wash all the blood off of me from the accident. I was terrified to go into the shower. So, I grabbed a tower, ran it under some water from the sink, and while myself off with that. I looked in the mirror to see if I got it all off my face. Then, the lights in the bathroom turned off. I tried reaching for the door knob, but it wouldn't turn. It was like it was locked from the outside. I looked into the mirror and saw the most horrifying thing ever. It was a ghost of a girl. She looked about my age. Then, I reconized her. It was Ana. I was mortified. I never wanted to see her again.
"Ana, what.... how.."
"Yes, Mike. It is me."
"How is this possible, you... you...died."
"When a spirit has a dying wish that doesn't get fulfilled, they stay in the overworld until it does."
"So you had a dying wish?"
"Yes, Mike. You should have known. Remember that night at the hospital?"
"Ana, you know I could never forget."
"Well, me either. You broke your promise. You let them hurt me. You killed me."
"Ana, it was for your own good."
"And what I'm going to do to you, is for your own good. It will let you see. It will let you see what you did to me."
"Ana, you know I'm sorry. I didn't want to kill you. But you killed others. They were innocent. I'm not saying I am. But they were. And one life againts a lot more, makes the most sence. Ana, please."
"See, that is where you are wrong, Mike. Killing me made me realize something. I can take away everything from you. But you cant even touch me."
"What do you mean?"
"The car accident, the shower, the police cars, and now. They were all me. I wanted to kill you those ways, but you kept getting out of them. In the car accident, you stopped too soon. In the shower, you got out of the way too soon. With the police cars, you got off of the couch too soon. You see Mike, your actions killed others. The car accident, one dead. The police cars, three dead. That is a total of four dead. That is more people that you killed then the amount that I killed. Oh wait it is five. Because you killed me too. Five against two. Well, five against three, soon. You see Mike. You deserve to die. Even more then I did."
"Oh my god, Ana. You killed them all! Ana, I didn't kill them you did! If you had never tried to kill me, they would still be alive. Just like those people you stabbed to death. Ana, I don't know you at all. The sister I once loved is gone. All that's left is the cold blooded murderer!"
"Come on now, Mike. You know very well who I am and what I am here to do. I am here to get vengence for my death. There is only one way to do that. Oh dear Mike. if only you could see. If only you could see the llok on your face as I kill you."
    Just then, her spirit moved out of the mirror and moved close to me. Too close to me. I wasn't prepared for what happened next. Her spirit moved into my body. Her last words were, "Goodbye, Mike." The same words I said to her before she died. Those were the last words I would ever here. As here spirit was in mine, I could feel her anger, her sadness, and now her happiness. Killing me ment a lot to her. At least my death means something to someone. Even though, it is to the person who I killed. My own sister. 




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    Helloooooo there! WHOA. This is your first piece? Impressive, quite amazing! :) Welcome to WtW, I'm your friendly new york dreamer, but you can call me NY, Wolf, or simply newyorkdreamer ;) I am sooo excited to see more of your writing, your style is advanced and so interesting. Keep writing! :)

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    Please comment what you truly think about this. This is my first finished story. I hope everyone likes it!

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