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I Am No Fool

November 9, 2019


A chariot of gold went passing by.
It came to a stop right by my side
And asked for a man whose name was mine.

I said, "Tis I," and the driver said,
"I shall give thee pleasures 'till thou art dead
"And thou shan't worry where to lay thy head."

He talked of rubies, silver, and gold--
But I was ne'er within his hold
For I saw his heart was dead and cold.

I said, "Go on, and don't return--
For I have before my lesson learned
And will tell thee that I've discerned--

"That thou art deceitful, and do not care
How I do, or how I fare
Except to lure me to thy lair.

The driver said, "Thou art right; I do not care
"How you do, or how you fare--
"But I'l give you treasures if you dare.

"I'l give thee power, I'll give thee money,
"I'll give thee all the sweetest honey.
"To reject all that?--You must be funny!

The power and money, they sounded nice,
But I have learned that they are lies
And that his wealth will come at a greater price.

I knew all too well of his plan
To trick and swindle every man
For I was once within his hand.

I said, "Leave now!--And don't come back
Or I will chase you with my axe
And thou wilt be to pieces hacked.

He said, "Farewell!" and left me then
To go and tempt another man
And lead him into sin...


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  • Dragon-Like-Tendencies

    This is amazing! I love the rhyming, the style is beautiful. Keep writing, please! I'm going to go find more poems like this on your account now XD

    6 months ago
  • Princess Maria

    Wow...this is like as good as Shakespeare. I really see the message in this and I love it!

    6 months ago
  • ★ white mountains ★

    This is great! I love the style it was written in, and especially love the line "But I was ne'er within his hold / For I saw his heart was dead and cold."

    7 months ago