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Black and White? #deepthought

November 17, 2019


Good and Bad.  
Evil and Virtuous.
Saints and Sinners.
Two contrasting, bipolar, states of the human condition.   
You're either one or the other. And hopefully, you are what human society deems "good". 
But what really is good and evil? 
As humans, it is in our very nature to try to sort other humans into one of the streams. And sometimes, as humans, we lose. Our. Darn. Minds, trying to figure out who's truly good and truly evil. Sure, this one historical figure fought for their rights, but also fought for taking away the rights of others. Yeah, this one person steals from stores often, but they also help out their neighbor next door, who's a single mom and can hardly afford her bills.
We also tend to take more interest in anti-hero or anti-villain characters in books, movies, and other forms of media.  
Ideas of good and evil also pertain to an individual person, affected by their life and what surrounds them. Of course, there's lots of overlap. 
But is there truly such a thing as a truly good person, free of wrongdoing?
Well, not really.
Everyone has done something immoral in their life.     
And many people have done multiple immoral things. 
Some, more immoral than others.  

In reality, no one is truly good, and we all as people live with blemishes to our record of life. 



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  • Lesyeuxrose

    Wow!! This is a really good piece! It really helps a reader think more instead of accusing others of what's right or wrong it can help others to think before speaking definitely recommend to others!!

    11 months ago