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Leaving Her

November 20, 2019


"I have to go," she said,
Wiping a tear from her eye.
"And I will never never forget you,
Even until the day I die."

She didn't want any part of me,
She didn't want to see the deed
That I had don to her,
The deed which made her bleed.

There was nothing I could do,
There was nothing I could say,
To make her want to change her mind,
To make her want to stay.

So I had to live on and let this die,
Even though it went against that voice inside.
And if I never find another girl like her,
I will always know that the blame is mine.


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  • Tushar Mandhan

    Well, I could relate to you 'Love my girl (at least, I will when I get one)'. Please check out my song about someone I loved.

    7 months ago
  • JakeFrommStateFarm

    Tell me if you have any suggestions for new poems or prose!

    7 months ago