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melancholy becomes this mysterious man in whom destiny lives like a parasite

November 12, 2019



the ultimate love is cannibalism—
or so say the poets
annabel lee and lady lazarus
entwined; seraphim and israfeel
blasphemous retaliation
nihilists, alchemists
the rain cascades
sins drenched in a cloak of zamzam
the mother with a quivering child at her feet
the priest with a subscription to snuff websites
the orphanage with a lust for trafficking
this is anarchy
sweat trickling down tempestuous backs
bare breasts and the flashing negligence
of the prejudiced media
strange; this madness, this method
this grave robbing, this hierarchy
countries at each other's throats
an orange at the throne
trumping all ironies
oil in the skins of a smothered tribe
and my grandfather's aching smile
but the atlas is gathering dust
the libraries choking with flames
all of civilization encased in one fragile moment;
i suppose there is some truth to what they say
the ultimate love is


title is a dialogue from the tokyo ghoul manga
annabel lee - by edgar allen poe
lady lazarus - by sylvia plath
seraphim - angels depicted in christianity
israfeel - angel in islam responsible for heralding the day of judgement
zamzam - holy water in islam

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  • luluwrites111

    I love this so much. Sorry I can't ay more right now--I need to read the things you put at the bottom and i'll write a review :)

    12 months ago