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Uncle Jeb

January 21, 2020

Uncle Jeb is my uncle. He likes to play around with me, and travel here and there and everywhere. He is rich. He loves laying around in our house watching whatever sport he can find. He loves to play football with me, I even win sometimes. 
One day, Uncle Jeb decided to go for a walk. He wanted to get what he called ‘healthy’. So he would eat and eat and eat. He ate a lot of greens, I thought he would turn green! But after about 2 hours, Uncle Jeb went back to brownies. When he went on the walk he said he was only going to be gone for 20 minutes. We never heard from him again, until he got home. He was carrying 3 tubs of ice cream, and 2 containers of sprinkles. Uncle Jeb was really happy, my parents were not. My parents forced him to throw the items away. He was not happy about that and said he got the ice cream for me. So my parents let him keep the ice cream but only for today. Later when we were watching football, hen brought down the ice cream, sprinkles, and some bowls and spoons. We dug in while the opposing team scored a touchdown. But since we had not gone through the first tube of ice cream yet, my parents said: "To the trash, it goes." And so my uncle took all the ice cream and sprinkles and took them upstairs opened the trash can and started shoving all the ice cream into his mouth, and 20 minutes later we found the tubs of ice cream on the floor next to uncle Jeb lying on the ground with his lips covered in chocolate and sprinkles.
Illustration Notes: Uncle Jeb carrying the ice cream and sprinkles into the house wobbling. Uncle Jeb on the floor with the ice cream.


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