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So this was a task in English, and we had to describe an image of a foreign planet. Though I tried my best, I know it can be improved, vastly. So any suggestions are welcome again.

Galaxy 6

February 14, 2020


The planet he had encountered, what a planet it was.
 The unprecedented airlock jaunt trial he had been a guinea pig for, rewarded him with other-worldly visuals, quite literally, in fact. The meager space shuttle resting on a nearby plateau of iridescent rock, fatigued and deprived from travelling so many light years afar from where it had been manufactured, out of the limited and unexplored materials confined to the insignificant, spherical ball of life they may know as Earth, the spacecraft's pilot's venture just beginning. The scene ahead of him, making  his lifeless eyes swim with refractured light and colour, leaving his mouth slightly agape and oblivious, yet impassive body language, frozen to the absence of the function of the brain. It was as if absorbing this sight was re birthing him with a foreign energy, right then in that moment. Icebound a few metres in front of the space capsule, his feet immersed in the fine, sand-like mounds covering the ground surrounding the widespread river breaking apart the, what would have been, coarse plain of cayenne dust. The water itself, seeming impossibly soft and silkier than any liquid should be, gracing a deep teal and scatteredly alight in the areas where extraterrestrial corals illuminated upon the mossy river rocks mixed with truculent sea grass, strange of which to appear in such shallow waters. Beyond the liquid divider arose various spikes of sedimentary towers, amply striped with marble-like rock and other types of a deep brown, a type unnameable to the astronaut. The tips wearing away, presenting rough, uneven ends to a previously dazzling frozen wave of striped, alien rock. Alas, that wasn't near the half of it. Beyond the refractive and life-emitting body of water, the stand-tall, huge shark fin rocks and beyond even whatever's after that, something so ethereal, so elusive. Something so fictitious that even someone like him finds it difficult to render. What he can only describe as a gargantuan egg, hollow of life, but in the absence of a villus prexistence of life, what should be a sedative fetus, cast-awake into oblivion, was a rolling storm, possessing a deadly anger no other life could possess. Each rolling moment bringing an unprecedented, god-like superiority, each silent thunder strike impaling a hollow fear, doused with torrents of hail. Tall, stoic, dominating. The history of this immersive giant, buried into the foreign planet's core. The glare it gave, held the astronaut in dozens of fiery chains. Yet unprovoked, the astronaut once again retreats to his grounded ship. With what he has learnt, he is unsure of the future on Earth. What will it become? Will it become? An immersive future awaits.


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