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A slightly heavy and talked- about topic, but I kept it as positive as I could.

The Tables have Turned

March 28, 2020


During this period of time, I have avoided writing about this particular issue. Not because I am scared, or unaware. I just wanted a break, to be honest. So I tried writing about other things, but I couldn't because I was consumed by guilt. I knew I wanted to write about this issue. I just could not muster up the courage to do so. I am going to write about the Corona virus. Finally.

This virus started back in December 2019 and no one thought it would go this far. Roads are deserted and empty all over the world and everyone is adopting the 'Namaste' instead of a handshake now. We never ever thought that we would live in the midst of a pandemic. Everyone thought that we had technology and that the human race was so advanced that nothing could reach us now. But it did. Nature showcased what it is capable of. 

Until recently, some people still thought this was all a joke,  that Corona virus could never reach them and they were safe. They went out to parties and large gatherings, and this fueled the spread of the virus. Now these people are running to the grocery stores and hoarding the day- to- day essentials, resulting in the shortage of their supply. 

The Corona virus had scared me initially. I was terrified at the thought that the world is facing a pandemic and we can do nothing about it. But soon, I realized that we can. We can do something about it. In fact, we are the ones that can do everything about it, and it is all everyone dreamed of their entire lives- sit at home. If we simply sit and enjoy all the available luxuries of our home, we can help in prevention of the spread of this virus. I was one of the lucky students of India who was able to finish her boards just in time. The day my boards got over, things became more serious and the order to sit at home was given. Although I had to sacrifice some of my plans I had been making for after the boards, it was completely worth it, because I am alive. I am alive and I am breathing, and I am so grateful to God for that.
I also realized that I did not sacrifice all my plans. Some of the major parts of my plan were- read, write and Netflix, and I am able to do all these things quite easily now. I can save the world, simply by sitting at home doing anything I want. This is the world's greatest super power! What more would anyone want!?

And quarantining is not all that bad. I get to do everything that I have been procrastinating, and after I do it, it does make me feel a lot better- like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The internet too, is filled with memes, jokes and information on the Corona virus. The jokes and memes help in lightening the mood, and the information (only from reliable sources) helps in updating us. Technology has also brought the offices and workplaces at home through video conferencing. 

In India, recently, on 22nd March, a 'Janata Curfew' was imposed nation- wide, where no one could step out of their house between 7 am and 9 pm. There was not a single person to be seen on the roads that day, and the peace and quiet that came with it, was unlikely for a lively country like India. Although, this peace had to interrupted at 5 pm in the evening, just for five minutes. The country's honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, had addressed the nation on 21st March, and he had urged all the citizens to stand in their balconies or verandas and clap for the brave hearts out there. The brave doctors who are risking their lives to save other's. The citizens did not hold back. I myself stood in my balcony with my parents and banged pots and pans together, and clapped, to show our gratitude to all the doctors in the world. We all made sure they heard us. The internet was also flooded with people doing the same in their houses.

Just yesterday, on 24th March, the Prime Minister imposed a three- week lock down on India and no citizen is to be seen on the roads, except in case of an emergency. This will help in further prevention of the spread of this outbreak. We as responsible citizens, should stay inside and stay hygienic for as long as needed and advised. It will benefit the whole world.


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  • FoxLilly106

    I'm not scared of the pandemic for myself, but for the tiny-brained people who don't see it for what it is. Everyone keeps complaining about being locked down where I live, but there have been over 200 cases in my state alone all because a guy wanted to come here since he was bored in his home state (A neighboring state of ours). He arrived in our town, and now half of us are sick. It's like... if you want to leave your house sooner rather than later, stay in your home for a week or two unless in dire circumstance. There are people out there who can't defend themselves against this virus like us younger people can. One including my Great grandma who is 98 and my grandpa who has sage four heart failure. Thank you for posting this, @buddingauthor. It really needed to be said.

    10 days ago
  • K.R.M

    I wish everyone had this mindset! It would make this whole pandemic a lot easier to handle. Thank you for speaking out.

    10 days ago
  • Samina

    Glad to know that your exams are over. Here I guess the 10th board was canceled probably. Dont know how long will this last. My online classes have started. But it is very tiring. Hope everyone is safe.

    10 days ago