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Idle Town

March 26, 2020


    Theo had always been the curious type. He used to spend hours laying in the fields around his house, gazing into the distance, letting the sun kiss his cheeks and the rain fall on his forehead. He carried an aura of wonder wherever he went, and if you got to know him well, you would find that a piece of him would nestle it’s way into your heart. Although he was quiet, his silence was buzzing with life. 
    Ever since he was a child, Theo vowed that he would leave his idle town and venture into the world beyond. He yearned to learn the secrets of the big city, to walk on smooth pavement instead of a dirt road, to smell the food wafting from the street vendor’s carts, to see the big neon signs illuminating the night. But for now all he could do was wait, and count the days until graduation.
    This particular day, Theo was taking himself on a date. He drove through the vast fields and stopped momentarily to look at the sky and the clouds floating whimsically across it like sheep roaming through a field. He would purposely get lost and try to find his way back without assistance, marvelling at the fact that he could wander for miles and everything would still look exactly the same. He drove past houses, wondering what kind of people lived there, what their jobs were, what their families were like, what they thought about before going to sleep. The horizon was made of fields, and Theo felt small.
    When he returned to his placid home, he took a shower, feeling the water fall over his dark curls and seep into the cracks in the window. It was moments like these, he thought, that he would miss the most when he left. After he was clean, he nestled into a corner of his room in the attic, strumming his dad’s guitar and humming to songs from the 80s. People often said that he was born in the wrong generation, while everyone else was worrying about body shape and social media he was fixated on record players and aesthetics. He was the kind of person who was able to see the world in all its tainted glory, and still, to love it. 
    He fell asleep listening to Lorde, his head deep in the waters of sentiment. When morning came he awoke slowly, letting his skin drink up the beams of light streaming through the window. That was something else about Theo, he refused to sleep with curtains for fear he would miss out on the world’s magic at night. He slipped on an old red shirt and a pair of blue overalls, both from the goodwill on main street. It was that kind of town, stuck in a haze, behind the times- something you would find at the turn of the century. 


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1 Comment
  • Anne Blackwood

    This is written so masterfully... Like it's already a classic novel that has enraptured readers for decades.

    9 days ago