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March 26, 2020


Life is such a sad thing. Living, is pain.

So why bother trying, when everything will be taken from you by those less deserving - those conniving, hateful swine that rely purely on connections and appearances? It seems simple, right?

Don’t bother.

At least that will save you the pain of dealing with the bitter hatred blossoming from the unfairness.

But the world will still turn on, whether or not you are there, you are ready, you are running, you are standing, you are barely holding on. So if you are going to be dragged to hell anyways, why not let yourself have a bit of satisfaction at least? The road of shattered glass and thorns will forever be shattered glass and thorns, and no matter how you pass you will always bleed.

So move towards a destination that will make you happy. Then, at least, when you finally reach the end of the path and stand before the gates of hell, you can say that the journey was worth it. Because you will have journeyed to somewhere far beyond the reach of the unworthy ones below your feet, and attained something that no one could ever take from you. And along with it, the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve reached the end. You made it. But most importantly, that those abhorrent schemers will never ever be able to do the same. Because you, have suffered through hell.

What could ever be worse?
Reflection on a piece of advice I was given long ago...


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