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I'm just looking for advice for this little seed of writing to grow, to grow.

The Seeds and Roots of Home

April 8, 2020

When you first enter your new house, you find your seed being planted in your soul.
As you make friends your roots start to show.
Your family comforts you your roots damaged by the girl who used to love you.
They grow back stronger than ever prepared for another bad storm.
The roots are full and the seed is growing until it's your time.
To college, you go to get degrees your parents will show.
Your seed is planted once again in this new home for 4 years your roots will grow.
Your seed is still there withered by time.
This new seed is the best of all.
Your new house with seeds planted a flow.
The seed is strong until they leave.
But for now, you'll grow big hearts, and leave strong seeds.


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